11 Film Grants Every Indian Filmmaker Should Know About!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on May 22, 2015

For any young film maker, the main challenge lies in getting their film produced and distributed. There are various international organisations that support emerging and established film makers by providing resources in the form of grants.

There's a lot of competition for these grants but if you fit the bill and present yourselves well, there's a good chance that you can crack it. And it's not only about the money that comes with the grant. It's also the exposure one gets, the mentoring and guidance that is a part of the package that adds immense value to the whole thing.

We've listed some of the best international grants that you can apply to. And some of them are currently taking applications as well, so check them out.

1. CineMart

CineMart provides a unique opportunity to filmmakers by providing a co-production market that is one of its kinds. It offers filmmakers a platform to launch their ideas & to find the right partners to get their projects financed. Every year, 25 new projects are selected and get a chance to present their film projects to co-producers, funds, sales agents, distributors, TV stations and other potential financiers.

CineMart is scheduled for the first week of February & the application form will be available on 1 August 2015.

Deadline: 1st September

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2. Hubert Bals Fund

The Hubert Bals Fund celebrates its 25th anniversary and is designed to help remarkable feature films by innovative and talented filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe on their road to completion. The HBF has diverse grants designated for the various levels of production. The International Film Festival Rotterdam also screens a good number of the films that are produced by HBF.

Deadline: 1st August

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3. TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund

The TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund provides grants for interesting features that offer a fresh take on scientific, mathematical and technological themes. The grantees will also get mentorship and professional guidance through the Tribeca Film Institute by providing networking assistance and valuable exposure to financing and distributing executives. This is topped up with workshops and panel meetings with industry executives.

Deadline: Not available

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4. netPix

netPix is known for producing and distributing quality media across diverse platforms. Strong believers of humanistic media, netPix provides grants to first and second features of emerging directors. The organisation does not directly provide a fund but rather provides assistance to a film that is being crowd funded at any stage.

Deadline: Not available

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5. Panavision

Panavision is considered to be the world’s leading manufacturer of high precision lenses and for providing world class digital and film cameras. The New Filmmaker Program by Panavision provides assistance in various forms to independent filmmakers and film schools. The organisation loans out film equipment packages to independent filmmakers to assist them in their respective ventures.

Deadline: Not available

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6. Liberty Lab For Film

The Liberty Lab is an advanced program for the those who have some experience in screenwriting or filmmaking. You can participate only as a team of two. If an individual applies for the lab, the organisation allocates a partner. The participants are given a budget of $ 10,000 to make their film.

Note: This program is in Los Angeles area, so the participants have to be there.

Deadline: 22nd May

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7. Roy W. Dean Grant

The Roy W. Dean Grant funds features that are unique and make a contribution to the society. The grant generally encourages stories about subjects that are emotional and can connect to with the masses. The main criterion for receiving a grant is bringing alive a story that enriches people's lives and has the potential to bring about a change.

Deadline: 30th June.

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8. Doha Film Institute

The Doha Film Institute grant aims to unlock cinematic voices by identifying new talent. The program assures creative and financial assistance by propelling forward contemporary work that demonstrates a deep understanding of the specific possibilities of the medium of cinema. This grant is made applicable only to first and second time directors. By offering a creative development support throughout the life cycle of films, this program develops a community of filmmakers among its alumni.

Submissions open on the 18th of July

Deadline: 1st August

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9. Visions Sud Est

The Swiss Fund is known for supporting films from Asia, Africa and Latin America and also ensures their distribution and visibility in Switzerland. The Swiss Fund imposes no conditions and encourages compelling and authentic projects. The main objective of the Swiss Fund is to encourage independent film makers into making films in accordance with their culture and religion.

Deadline: Open throughout the year

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10. The Global Film Initiative

The Global Film Initiative promotes cross-cultural understanding through the cinematic medium. The program aims to bring out the work from around the world by providing them with a global marketplace. The program also looks to assimilate the best of cultural films around the globe. Each production grant is in the amount of $ 10,000.

Deadline: Not available

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11. Asia Cinema Fund

The ACF aims to activate independent film productions by setting a stable environment in the forms of grants. Exclusively for Asian filmmakers, this fund aims to highlight the diversity of Asian cultural aspects through films. The program also has numerous ties with various international festivals enabling it to present high quality work on an international platform.

Deadline: The submission process begins in the month of March every year.

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