20 Facebook Pages Every Aspiring Filmmaker Should Follow!

By Aditi Patwardhan. Posted on December 02, 2015

Being a filmmaker is not as dreamy as it sounds. Entering the world of filmmaking has its own demands and challenges. One has to be prepared to work hard and be vigilant about what’s happening in the field of cinema. Many a times, there are no tutors to turn to and we find ourselves trying to figure out things on our own.

Thankfully, we aren't the first to feel the pinch & there are numerous amazing websites out there that can help us answer most of our questions. We have compiled a list of 20 such Facebook pages that anyone interested in the craft of filmmaking should follow, to keep in tune with the changing winds in the world of filmmaking!

1. Taste of Cinema

taste of cinema

One of the best ways of learning for a filmmaker is to watch as many films as he/she can. You need to catch up on the best-of-the-latest films as well as classics & then there are those that you-never-knew-about-but-must-watch. It’s always good to update the ‘must watch’ list by crossing off watched films and adding new names to it.

Taste of Cinema is one page that offers some of the best listicles about movies. The listicles have a wide range of genres and themes. Right from ‘20 Dark European Films From This Century Worth Your Time’ to ‘The 30 Greatest Movie Performances of 2014’ and ‘The 20 Greatest Non-Human Movie Characters of All Time’ to ‘20 Great Magical Realism Movies That Are Worth Your Time’ - you’ll find everything here!

2. IndieWire


IndieWire is a great site to follow the latest from around the world of filmmaking. Although it is heavily focused on Hollywood, there is still a lot of coverage of world cinema as well as major international festivals. Blending news, information as well as networking for independent-minded filmmakers, IndieWire offers varied content. From interviews to listicles to reviews - there’s everything on the site & their FB page!

Constantly experimenting with their content, IndieWire comes up with cool posts like this one, which lists 10 must see dramatic performances by comedic actors!

3. Waytooindie


Waytooindie is one of the must-follow pages if you want to keep track of everything that goes on in the world of Indie cinema. With news, reviews, interviews, analysis and a little bit of fun about Indie cinema and music, Waytooindie offers you a one stop destination for indie news.

Here’s director Sebastian Silva talking about his latest film ‘Nasty Baby’ on the site.

4. Filmmaker Magazine

filmmaker magazine

Covering every single aspect of filmmaking right from direction to hair & makeup, Filmmaker magazine is an awesome site and has a Facebook page you’d want to go back to, every now and then. Includes pieces like this on Hou Hsiao-hsien, director of one of the most critically acclaimed film of 2015- The Assassin!

5. IMDb


Internet Movie Database. That’s IMDb. One of the most trusted names for authentic information on films & their cast & crew, IMDb is a site you've surely visited already. It's not just a database, they've also started providing information on the latest flicks including trailers as well as news & box-office numbers.

Here’s a list of most awaited upcoming family movies to premiere in 2016 shared by IMDb!

6. International Documentary Association


Making a documentary requires tremendous amount of research, grit & hard work. International Documentary Association is the ultimate authority on all things related to documentary filmmaking. You can get numerous updates about IDA’s events, workshops and masterclasses, as well as useful content ranging from distribution to how-to content like this one here on drone cameras.

7. American Cinematographer

american cinematographer

The Facebook page of the ASC’s magazine is as interesting and rich with information as the magazine itself. From interviews of renowned cinematographers and directors to various tips and tools as well as technology reviews, everything is regularly shared on the FB page of American Cinematographer.

Collating the latest updates as well as the ‘behind-the-scenes’ from the world of cinema, here’s an excellent post by American Cinematographer, which features the interview of Roger Deakins, one of the leading cinematographers of our times.

8. Cinematography.com


Cinematography is one of the most dynamic areas of filmmaking. There are always new versions, updates and add-ons to keep track of, and that’s where sites like Cinematography.com prove to be extremely useful and informative. Having this one page in your feed can help you catch up on the most important developments in the field of cinematography.

What's more, you get amazing pieces like this compilation of 129 Best Shots in Movie History! A page that you must have on your feed.

9. Premiumbeat


Sound is one of the most essential yet over-looked aspects of filmmaking. The Beat is an awesome website that offers news, reviews & latest updates on editing tools, softwares, VFX along with a huge database of free-to-use royalty free music. If you are an editor, a sound designer or a VFX artist, you must follow Premiumbeat’s FB page to be up-to-date on the latest developments in your fields.

Here’s a post by Premiumbeat, which compiles a list of everything one needs to know to become a film editor.

10. Indie Tips


As an indie filmmaker, you need all the help you can get. From screenwriting to cinematography and VFX to acting as well as producing, Indie Tips is a page where you can read up on almost all the aspects of indie filmmaking. Whether it is DIY tips for low budget filmmakers, book recommendations or a glossary of filmmaking terms; you’ll find useful tips on indie tips.

11. Editstock


EditStock.com is a website that provides professionally shot film footage for people to practice editing with.

One of the finest sites on editing, Editstock’s Facebook page provides varied content about software, its versions and its utility as well as usage. Backing up the informative part with interesting ‘how-to’ pieces, interviews and masterclasses, Editstock provides a complete picture to anyone who needs to know more about editing films.

12. Scriptlab


There’s a reason why they call it ‘scriptwriters’ lab’. Screenwriting is a blend of creativity, method, hard work, discipline and above all, experimentation.

We all get stuck while working on a script. It is natural. While everyone has a method to break out of it, a little help from the experts is always useful. That’s where Scriptlab can help you with interesting posts like this. Along side this, they have regular motivational quotes from writers that help you see the bigger picture.

13. Petapixel


Petapixel is one of the coolest blogs to follow for those interested in photography. Decoding various aspects of cameras, photography and cinematography, Petapixel offers you everything from DIY tips to equipment reviews. With rapid advances in camera technology & new cameras being introduced every few days, there's so much to learn. Petapixel helps you keep ahead of the curve with some awesome posts like this one here on Nikon’s recently launched Nanoblock Set that lets you build a toy Nikon FSLR!

14. The Film Collaborative


The Film Collaborative is a non-profit, dedicated to the distribution of independent cinema. Offering a full range of affordable distribution, educational, and marketing services to independent/art house filmmakers, their FB page is an interesting blend of advice, how-to's and news.

Here’s a post about the documentary A Sinner in Mecca, which is being distributed by them.

15. Lights Film School


Apart from offering an online film program, Lights Film School also blogs about varied topics related to filmmaking like screenwriting, cinematography and direction. They post blogs in 4 different sections- daily inspiration, tutorials, interviews and product reviews. There are quick reads as well as detailed articles along with interviews with filmmakers like this one here on Beasts of No Nation, that’s part of the series ‘Discovering Current Cinema’.

16. No Film School


No Film School  is one of our favourite filmmaking sites on the internet. This is the go-to site for anyone who wants to learn the craft of filmmaking. Regular tutorials on different facets of filmmaking, interviews, short films as well as news, that ensures that you don't actually need a film school to become a filmmaker.

Here’s a sample post on shooting a film in your hometown. There's now a forum on the site where you can ask questions on any aspect of filmmaking & have it answered by the community.

17. Film Riot


Film Riot is one of the biggest film-tutorial websites that comes out with these regular videos on DIY filmmaking. It is the next best thing to a film school, an on-demand film school and the content is both useful and entertaining, Film Riot is a FB page that every filmmaking enthusiast needs to follow.

What's more, the page also encourages questions by readers, so you can post all your queries in the comments section and expect them to be answered!

18. Creative COW

creative cow

Creative COW is an international community of people working in film, broadcast, audio/video, DVD and related fields. The website and its FB page offer an excellent source of information on video production, assisting the content with links and videos. There are professionals and production experts to be found in the comments section, so you can get directly address questions to them.

As the name goes, you can often find unique insights on their feed. Here’s an interesting article by cinematographer Greg Ondera on shooting critical medical surgeries!

19. InkTip


A collaboration between screenwriters, producers & filmmakers, InkTip is one of the pages you must follow on FB. Apart from the updates of their own projects and events, their FB page also collates content from numerous sites, so you won’t miss out on any competitions or relevant notifications. Their posts like InkTip Film Festival Directory are an important resource base for those starting on their film festival journey.

20. Jamuura



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