5 Films From The Mumbai 48 Hour Film Project That You Will Love

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on September 30, 2014

The 48 Hour Film Project is a creative challenge in which various teams have to make a film in 48 hours. At the start of the event, all teams are given a character name, a prop, a single line of dialogue and a genre based on which the films have to be made.

Despite the time constraints the quality of films made for the 48HFP is quite good. Since 48HFP Mumbai and Delhi are around the corner, we decided to present some of our favourites from their catalogue.

So here's a compilation of some short films that we've enjoyed from the last 6 editions of the Mumbai 48HFP.

Mazaak Mat Karo by Ravi Iyer

Mazaak Mat Karo won the runner up award for best film and best use of the assigned character amongst other accolades in the 2011 edition.

This film narrates the story of a radio jockey who through a radio show pulls pranks on people. However one day he realises that the tables have been turned on him.

Shot in a single room with a single protagonist, Mazaak Mat Karo starts off rather humorously and surprises you when you least expect it.

Speechless by Srikant Kekare

Speechless won several awards in the 2013 edition including awards for direction and the runner up award for the best film.

By employing minimal dialogues, the film shows us how physical gestures and silence can convey a lot of things.

Slight by Vinamra Pancharia

In the fast paced lives we lead, we rarely think about anyone but our own selves.  This powerful short film tells us how our carelessness and small mistakes can lead to consequences which we may have never thought of.

Slight was adjudged as the best film in the 2013 edition and also won awards for direction, cinematography and sound design.

The Revelation Lane by Nishant Singh Hada

The Revelation Lane won an award for best cinematography and was adjudged as the best runner up film in the 2012 edition.

This well shot and engaging short film tells us how appearances are often deceptive and can give us a rude shock or surprise us pleasantly.

I.M Sing by Aapan Yaana Pahilat Ka (A.Y.P.K) Productions

I.M Sing is one of the most funny and lighthearted films to be showcased in the Mumbai edition of The 48HFP.

The film tells the story of Mohan Singh, a bored Government employee who competes with his boss to win the affection of new female employee. The songs and rap lyrics used in the film are witty, creative and keep you in splits.

I.M Sing was adjudged the best film in the 2011 edition and also won many other including those for choreography and music.


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