List Of Animation Short Films Vying For The Oscars This Year

By Arun Fulara. Posted on January 18, 2015

The Oscar 2015 nominations are out and there are some awesome shorts that have been nominated for the Best Short Animation Film this year. We've got the trailers of all the nominees below. Have a look and let us know your favourite. Also check out the contenders for short films in the Live Action category.

The Bigger Picture - Daisy Jacobs

The film tells the story of two brothers struggling to take care of their frail and aged mother amidst an environment where real objects become paintings and paintings burst out of the wall as 3D objects.

'The Bigger Picture' had secured the 3rd place in the Cinefondation award at Cannes Film Festival 2014. It has also won awards at Edinburgh International Film Festival besides being nominated at BAFTA awards for Best Short Animation Film.

The Dam Keeper Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi

The life of a young pig, entrusted with a new job, changes dramatically after he meets a new friend.

This happens to be the debut short film of Robert Kondo and Dice Tatsumi who've previously worked as art directors at Pixar Studios. 'The Dam Keeper' has won the Golden Gate Award (for best family film) at San Francisco International Film Festival, besides being nominated for Crystal Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival last year.

Feast - Patrick Osborne

'Feast' is the love story of a man as seen through the eyes of his dog. Feast is the debut film of Patrick Osborne who has worked as an animator on Bolt, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled and the Oscar winning animated short Paperman. Feast was released in theatres as a short preceding the Oscar nominated 'Big Hero 6'.

Me And My Moulton - Torill Kove

A girl who wants her parents to gift her a bicycle, receives a completely different and unexpected gift.  The film which premièred at Toronto International Film Festival last year, is director Torill Kove's third film to be nominated for the at the Oscars having won once for her short film, The Danish Poet in the 2007.

A Single Life - Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins and Marieke Blaauw

'A Single Life' is the delightful tale of a girl who learns to travel through her own life after sh discovers a mysterious vinyl record. The trio of Job, Joris & Marieke have worked on several animated short films and brand campaigns including this film which premièred in Toronto International Film Festival as a part of the popular Short Cuts programme.

So which of these shorts is the most promising and deserves to win the coveted Oscar statuette? Do let us know your views.

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