Can You Make A Film In 48 Hrs? These 5 Short Films Show That Anything's Possible!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on October 09, 2015

Short films are in and there are a lot of short film contests around for young filmmakers to showcase their filmmaking talent. From Bangalore International Short Film Festival to the India Film Project, many events and festivals are pushing the format through animation, docus and others.

The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is back for a two-day mad, fun-filled filmmaking extravaganza. The project is present in 130 cities around the world across 6 continents. Focused at extracting the best out of filmmakersthis year's edition kicks-off today at 7 PM. The event sees filmmakers test their creative skills in a 48 hour dash to get their film made. The participants get a genre and catch phrase that needs to be in the film AND one has to finish the film in 48 hours.

Upon completion, all the films are screened at a local theater, where the renowned jury panel of the project will choose the winner. Winners from each city will then go on to compete internationally at Filmapalooza 2016 for the grand prize, the Best International Film. The winner of the grand prize will also have an opportunity to have his/her film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016, Court Métrage.

Over the years the event has shown a tremendous rise in the quality of films. Making a film within a stipulated time period of 48 hours is a significant achievement by any means. In the last few editions, there have been numerous interesting shorts that have come out of the event. Here are 5 that stand out.

1. Symptomes D’ Amour - Best Film Montpellier, France 2014

The short film was made by a group of filmmakers called Les Parasite. They dominated the 48 hour film project in 2014 by winning the competition in 4 cities. The short is about a desperate man who reaches out to a romantic novelist for assistance. Capturing the innocence and hidden strengths of love, the film was shot beautifully with a mellow and fresh palate of colors.


You can watch the film right here.

2. Sixteen Twenty Seven - Best Film and Best Acting Paducah, (KY), USA 2014

The sleek thriller looks nothing short of a professional film. This surreal sci-fi short film is about a woman who does the unexpected in a simulated setting of survival. Revolving around the themes of survival, victory and deceit, this film leaves you guessing till the very end.


You can watch the film right here.

3. Coffin Up - Best Film Edinburgh, Scotland 2012

Inspired by the silent era films, Coffin Up is simple and hilarious. The short is about a persuasive dracula who tries convincing a scared man into donating some blood.


You can watch the film right here.

4. Phat Gayi ? - Audience Choice Winner, Mumbai 2013

The comedy drama stands as a must watch till date. The film is a story of two extremely mischievous brats. Playing pranks all the time, sometimes to fill their stomach and other times to fill their pockets, the film encompasses the carefree nature of boys.


You can watch the film right here.

5. Javed Brahman Hai - Best Film and Best Cinematography, Mumbai 2014

Javed Brahman Hai is a satirical comedy on superstitious and religious thinking. The film is about a business man and his blind beliefs when he goes through a rough economic patch.


You can watch the film right here.


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