5 Tips To Become A Successful Visual Effects Artist

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on September 23, 2015

When it comes to visual effects, many international movie studios rely on India to get their VFX done. Avatar, Interstellar, Life Of Pi, Skyfall and The Avengers are some of the many films whose VFX have been done by Indian artists and studios. Given the quality of visual effects achieved by these films, it is not surprising that India is one of the most preferred destinations for the same.

However finding a job as a visual effects artist is as challenging as achieving those stunning images which we see in the movies.

A video by visual effects supervisor and trainer Hussin Khan lists down five tips every visual effects artist must follow in order to be successful. Hussin Khan has worked on the visual effects of films such as Django Unchained, Moneyball and conducts lectures and courses on the same.

We have summarized below his tips which if implemented well can help you to be a successful visual effects artist.

1. Get Your Fundamentals Right

If you want to be an efficient visual effects artist or an animator, you must know your fundamentals well. It is very likely that the company you will apply to may not use the software you are proficient in. But if you have your fundamentals in place, you can work on any software and successfully complete any visual effect assignment given to you.

2. Always Have A Showreel

A showreel is yet another essential as it a showcase of your capabilities. An ideal showreel is one which is short, specific to the job, showcases your best work. In these times of ever evolving technologies to be ahead of the rat race, you must always keep your showreel updated.

3. Stay Updated With What's Happening In the Industry

The best way to do this is by attending visual effects events, seminars, product launches etc. It helps to be updated about the latest trends and changes taking place in your industry.

4. Networking Is They Key To Success

Networking with key players and veterans of the industry is a good way to know about probable job opportunities available in the market. The best opportunities to network with the industry people is by attending as many industry events, seminars etc as possible besides being active on social media platforms.

5. Find A Mentor

A mentor is one who will share his experiences and wisdom to help you prepare for your journey into the visual effects industry. Your mentor can be a lecturer, senior colleague or any other industry professional who believes in your capabilities and will share his wisdom without any prejudices.

Hussin Khan's YouTube channel has a vast collection of videos on visual effects. And if you intend to make a career in it then you must check it out.


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