If Spike Lee & David Lynch Were Born 150 Years Back, This Is How Their Films Would Look Like

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on October 14, 2014

The Lumiere Brothers – Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean are recognized as the first ever film makers in the history of cinema. The Lumiere Brothers also invented the 'Cinematographe' - the first ever camera that could shoot, record and develop motion pictures. They also invented the 'Autochrome Lumiere' - a colour photography process. Thanks to the important role played by them in the evolution of cinema, it is impossible to overlook their importance in the history and evolution of motion pictures.

'Lumeire and Company' - a compilation of several shorts directed by acclaimed directors such as David Lynch, Michael Haneke, Spike Lee, Abbas Kiarostami amongst others paid a tribute to the Lumiere Brothers.  A unique aspect of these shorts was that all the films had to be directed using the original cinematographe device with the duration of the film being restricted to less than a minute.


We have compiled several of these short films for your viewing. Thanks to the usage of cinematographe technique and the film being in black and white, these short films transport you back in time when film making involved very simple and primitive techniques.

Do let us know what you thinks of these shorts.

Lumiere and Company – Spike Lee

Lumeire and Company – Hugh Hudson

Lumiere and Company – Merchant Ivory

Lumeire and Company – Lasse Halstrom

Lumiere and Company – David Lynch

Lumiere and Company – Abbas Kiarostami

Lumiere and Company – Michael Haneke

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