1st Jamuura Grant Winner Abhishek Verma To Crowdfund 'Maacher Jhol'

By Yash Thakur. Posted on September 11, 2015

Abhishek Verma, the winner of the first Jamuura Grant (August) is going ahead to crowdfund his animated short film Maacher Jhol. A post graduate from IDC-IIT Bombay, Abhishek is currently living in Delhi and has previously made a critically acclaimed short film Chasni, which traveled to various festivals. Maacher Jhol, for which he won the Rs. 100,000/- grant, is about a young man and his inhibition of confessing to his father about his sexual orientation. The film is currently in pre-production. Maacher Jhol is now being co-produced by Jamuura.

The film will kickstart its crowdfunding campaign from this November and would need all your support for the same! You can check out official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here's his previous short, Chasni that highlighted the plight of an acid attack survivor.

We spoke to the young director about his film and his plans ahead for it. Read on:

Tell us about your film. What is it on?

The story is about two guys who want to live in a relationship exercising their freedom equally as in hetero-structural norm. This gives the sense that they don't only need the support of their understanding friends but also of the society & their own families. So the difficulty arises when one has to confront their family members on revealing his/her sexuality. As the family is the closest part of an individual being, one has to confront them first and in the next step, the society. He has been in the closet since a long time. So how he does that?

Well, that's what the film is about. :)

How did you come to know about the Jamuura grant? How will the grant help you?

The Jamuura Grant floated to me via the internet and through the Jamuura Blog. A  few of my friends and me follow this blog for independent & short film updates. Many interviews, tutorials, facts on parallel cinema is being updated here. Among all this the film Grant came through. It was exciting as you become a member paying just Rs. 2500 and you end up getting free web seminars and tons of other services! The Grant will be helpful in many ways. It actually helps to start many productions variables that are stuck. Likewise I am making my animated film. So I need to do loads of voice over test recordings. Finalizing the actual voice over to start the animation. And also to try out many style test (expensive ones too) for our film. And yes, paying your pending bills too.

At what stage is the film? What are your plans going ahead? How do you intend to take it ahead?

The film is in pre-production stage. Visuals of the films are ready and the voice over test for the characters has to be done and finalized soon. There is a character in my film whose name is Manjeet Khasera, he runs a radio cook show and talks about many things apart from cooking. So the hunt is still on. As soon as the film finds its voice, It will go under production of animation. The film will be made in 2D hand drawn technique with the digital & paper-pencil-ink as a medium. Working on quality of paper, ink has to be made. Once the style takes suits the film it will have its intense journey of animation.

It will be animated in 12 fps. It's a story I started working on a year back.  The animation really worked well with my first film CHASNI. And as the film will be hand drawn and has been intended to make it to large no of people to see & introspect . It needs a fund of more than Rs. 3.25 lakhs. I would be requesting the viewers across to come forward and support the story & cause, so that it can reach their screens on time with quality. And animation is always for all & irrespective of any constraints.

The Jamuura Grant is a special service for the member providing him/her with financial support for making a film. Grants are offered on a monthly basis and candidates are selected from the list of applicants. To find out more about how you can participate and win the monthly Jamuura Grant, click here.


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