Anand Varadaraj Of BISFF On Where Indian Shorts Fall Short & Running The Fastest Growing Indian Film Fest!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on September 10, 2015

This year's Bangalore International Short Film Festival was more than just a success. The festival that received over 3000 entries (out of which 300 were shortlisted & screened over the 3 days) had veteran filmmaker Sriram Raghavan as one of the jury members. We've been at the festival twice now and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

At the festival this year, we spoke with Anand Varadaraj, the Artistic Director of BISFF, who opened up about the selection process, the evolution of the short film format, where Indian short films fall short and the pros & cons of running one of India's fastest growing film festivals. Anand also explained the difference between the international festivals and the ones back home and how the team intends to take the festival ahead.


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