Announced - The 10 Finalists for Viacom's Cineshorts Short Film Contest!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on February 05, 2018

Viacom has announced the 10 finalists of their Cineshorts short film contest. The contest, which was open to films of all kinds and filmmakers across the country, received over 700 films from which the final 10 have been shortlisted to be screened for the jury. The screening of the selected 10 films will take place at 11 AM on Feb 15th at the Lightbox preview theater and the jury will select the top three winners from amongst these, each of whom will receive cash prizes. Apart from the top three film awards, there are prizes in categories like acting, editing, cinematography, writing and direction to be won.

The top 10 films are a diverse mix from different genres and languages. There are films in Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi apart from three films in Hindi and a silent film. The list of films is below;

  1. Aundir by T S Prasanna

A silent film that explores what happens when two people from radically different worlds meet. A photographer and a tribal come face to face in the jungle and have to develop a way to communicate that goes beyond words.

  1. Moh Dia Tandhaadir by Priyanka Gill

A sister returns to her ancestral home and memories of her childhood with her brother come rushing out. When her brother comes, they must reconcile and let go of the bitterness that has set in.

  1. Moving Ondir by Smrutika Panigrahi

A couple's relationship has hit a sour roadblock. Both put up a fight with their egos in armour while trying to cling on to the relationship and throw it away at the same time.

  1. Aaj Khaana Achha Haidir by Monal Thakkar and Kalash Pandiya

In the crowded lanes of Zhaveri Baazar, a housewife searches for her estranged husband, trying to discover him with the help of a strange waiter.

  1. Santulandir by Yogisingh Thakur

Set in the backdrop of rural Maharashtra, this film delivers a powerful message on conservation through the story of a boy and his persistence.

  1. Vacancydir by Anurag Worlikar

Durgesh Kumar, a young aspirant is going one of a kind interview. There is a vacancy but a lot of competition for it. Will he crack the interview?

  1. Snake and Ladderdir by Mohamed Sohal

Snake and Ladder is a story of unusual coincidences on a night drive when Aravind is on the way home. There are instances in every one's life at some point of time where you have to make choices that look right at first but could turn out to be fatal. The movie shows how we can never run away from the consequences of choices we make.

  1. Tharuvidir by Aadhithya Pranav

Can two lonely strangers fill in the void that each carries within? Can two helpless souls come to each other’s aid and make a new beginning? The short film shows how it can be done.

  1. Buddhapoar – dir by Roshan Udayakumar

Based on a true story from Srilanka, the film portrays one of the many gruesome human rights violations that took place during the long civil war that ravaged the island nation.

  1. Lilithdir by Shrjith Rajendran

An archaeologist finds a small statue of an unknown origin, and without realizing it, lets loose Lilith, the demon of the night. Needless to say, things don’t end well for those involved.

An interesting bunch of films these. Let's see who takes the top honours home.


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