BISFF Day 2 - Sriram Raghavan, First World Problems & A Golden Bear!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on August 30, 2015

Day 2 at BISFF was a day of riches for young filmmakers. Two interesting sessions with two filmmakers at different phases in their journey, a session on Copyrights and a bunch of interesting short films including some of the best from Berlinale.

Although the crowds seemed thinner than Friday, there was no let-up in their intensity. And why not. There were some really interesting films on offer. One only needs to attend a festival like BISFF once to convince yourself of the power & potential of the short film format. The festival managed to seduce even Sriram Raghavan who admitted to contemplating his own short film after the festival. Click here for photographs from Day 2.


Filmmakers and film buffs getting their photos clicked

While there were many shorts that we loved for various reasons, here are some of the best (for us) from day 2.

Nityakarma directed by Pradeep K follows a day in the life of a teenager that changes his life forever. Nithyakarma explores the theme of technology abuse and how it can ruin the lives of people. Dealing with an incident that can occur in anyone’s life, the film is gripping and advocates the need for soul searching and introspection in our lives.

Directed by Babak Habibfar, The Fish And I sees a blind man trying to save his goldfish after he drops the fishbowl. The film which lasts for not more than 6 minutes shows how a simple story can be told effectively and why short films are such a powerful medium of storytelling.  Admirably, Habibfar has handled multiple roles for the film which also includes editing and music.

Director Niranjan Kumar’s Ayynar Kamma narrates the tale of a bull and a guardian deity residing on the bank of a lake that play an important role in the life of a shoe maker. The film is based on a Tamil folk story as told by the director prior to the screening.  Niranjan impresses with this film that is simple in execution but ends in a way that surprises you, despite being fairly predictable. Incidentally Niranjan also served as an associate director on Vijay Milton’s much acclaimed Tamil film Goli Soda.

For Ever Ham Ever is the story of a boy and girl who have been best friends since childhood. The film traces their journey as the girl gets ready for her wedding. The film depicts this journey and evolution of the protagonists in a delightful way, making the film an easy watch.

First World Problems, a 6 min short about a woman's struggle in a supermarket car park. What seems like the end of the world to one, is often times a luxury many can't afford. Directed by Hanna Maylett, this Finnish film evoked laughter and pity at the right places.

A special word about the Berlinale shorts that were screened at the festival today. An eclectic selection of shorts that included this years Golden Bear winner gave the audience a sense of what filmmakers around the world are up to. Experimental, avant garde and provoking, each of these films had something unique, both in their content & form. Another collection of shorts is going to be presented today and we recommend you drop in to attend the session.


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