BISFF Day 3: Winners, More Winners & The Online Festival on Fliqvine!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on September 01, 2015

Like all good things, the 5th Bangalore International Short Film Festival came to an end. 3 days of short films later we are in Pune still dreaming about the kaleidoscope of visuals and colours that we witnessed at the festival. Films at BISFF represent the entire spectrum of short film talent in India. From young students making their diploma films to corporate professionals trying their hands at filmmaking to experienced professionals who've got a handle on their craft, the festival brims with talent & passion. You can read our festival coverage here, here & here.

Apart from the screenings on the last day, there were feedback sessions with Prakash Belawadi & the final awards ceremony. Prakash Belawadi explained the nuances of making a short film crisp & engaging and the need & nature of 'conflict' in the story to retain audience interest using examples from the films screened at the festival.

The awards ceremony was graced by acclaimed Hindi film director Sriram Raghavan, curator of Berlinale shorts Maike Mia Hohne & Prakash Belawadi.

Here's the list of the final winners.

International Section

Winner: Smile, you are dying (Syria), Dir: WASEEM AL-SAYED
First Runner: First World Problems (Finland), Dir: HANNA MAYLETT
Second Runner: Grounded (France), Dir: ALEXIS MICHALIK
Special Jury Mention: She Bought It In Zarautz (Spain), Dir: LANDER CAMARERO

Indian Competition

Best Film: Goodbye, Mayfly, Dir: SIDDHARTHA GIGOO
First Runner: Nana Parit, Pangari (Marathi), Dir: NEERAJ NARKAR
Second Runner: Retrospect (Tamil), Dir: VIJAY JAYAPAL

Indian Students Competition

Best Film: Apabhransha, Dir: SAURABH VYAS
1st Runner: Crash, Dir: RAJDIP RAY
2nd Runner: The House, Dir: SUNEETH ALLADI

Animation Competition

Winner: The Blue Sweater (India), Dir: DHANEESH JAMESON KOOLIYATH
Runner: Golden Bird (India), Dir: DEBRAJ SARKAR

Kannada Competition

Best Film: Nityakarma, Dir: PRADEEP SASTRY
1st runner: 100 Rs, Dir: PRASHANTH RAJ
2nd runner: Dream A Dream, Dir: TEJAS MAVINKURVE
Jury Special Mention: Patinga, Dir: SHASHANK SOGAL

The festival now moves online with 26 films screened at the festival now available on Fliqvine for a limited period. Get a glimpse of the talent at the festival with these films. It's only Rs 100 for all 26 films. So log on and watch them before the online festival ends on Sept 7th.


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