Check Out - Stunning Behind-The-Scenes Images From 'The Revenant' By Lubezki!

By Aditi Patwardhan. Posted on October 27, 2015

The Academy Award winner cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki aka Chivo is one of the few cinematographers who's very active on Instagram. He's recently shared a few behind-the-scenes photographs from The Revenant, the Iñárritu film he's shooting. While there have not been any photographs of the making shared officially, Lubezki's instapics have received loads of like and comments from the excited fans who want to get a peep into the ambitious project starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy.

With The Revenant, Lubezki is eyeing a hat-trick of Oscar's, having already won for Gravity & Birdman in the last two years. The Revenant is one of the most awaited projects of the year and the trailer only added fire to the fuel of expectations around it.

The epic film portrays the journey of frontiersman Hugh Glass  (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is betrayed by his companions during a fur trapping expedition in 1823. Based on Michael Punke's 2002 novel of the same name, The Revenant has been described as his most ambitious project by Iñárritu.

The film is scheduled to open on Christmas in USA and worldwide in January, we are as excited as everyone else.

Shot only in natural light in remote locations in Calgary, filming The Revenant turned out to be a herculean task for the production crew. The project suffered much due to the uncertain weather conditions and wintry landscapes, which as a result, caused over-scheduling, over-budgeting and some dispute as well.

Shot in rough and tough terrains of Alberta, Calgary and southern Argentina, Lubezki's pictures reveal the visually stunning & awe-inspiring locations. He has captured some striking portraits of the extras during the filming on set, giving us a sense of the realism we can expect in the film. Here are the images, enjoy them and then head over too his Instagram account to check out the other images he's shares on his account.

Faces Of R # 5

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Faces Of R # 1 A photo posted by @chivexp on

Faces Of R # 4

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Faces Of R # 3 A photo posted by @chivexp on

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Last years autumn. A photo posted by @chivexp on


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