Chitrashala & Kamakshi - Two Indian Short Films At Berlinale

By Arun Fulara. Posted on January 27, 2015

One of the world's biggest film jamboree is about to start in Berlin next month. The 65th Berlin International Film Festival (also called the Berlinale) opens on Feb 5th and will run till Feb 15th.

Two Indian shorts are part of the short films competition section this year. Satinder Singh Bedi's 'Kamakshi' and Amit Dutta's 'Chitrashala' are part of the 27 films from 18 countries that will be competing for a Golden and a Silver Bear, as well as the nomination for best short film at the European Film Awards and the first-ever Euro 20,000 Audi Short Film Award. This year’s members of the International Short Film Jury are documentary filmmaker and curator Madhusree Dutta, Turkish artist Halil Altındere, and producer and festival director Wahyuni A. Hadi from Singapore.

'Kamakshi' is a 25 min B&W Marathi film that follows the struggles of an old woman who digs for water in a dry and barren region. The Berlinale intro describes it thus - "Associative and hallucinatory imagery is interspersed by narrative moments. Towards the end, colour takes charge of the direction and the desire for water is fulfilled at a high price."

In 'Chitrashala' director Amit Dutta tells the story of an old palace, now a museum, that stands alone above the riverbank overlooking a city. In the calm of the night, characters from the pictures spring to life and share stories of eternal love and separation.

Here's wishing them luck at the festival.


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