Crowdfunding Alert: 'Episode 13' - First-Of-Its'-Kind Found Footage Horror Film In Marathi!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on February 16, 2016

As we've often said, Marathi cinema is one of the best in our country. Year after year, Marathi filmmakers have produced gems that have won the hearts of film-buffs as well found acceptance amongst critics. The list of films is long and includes Shala, Harishchandrachi Factory, Deool, Fandry & Killa amongst others.

However, horror is a genre, that isn't normally associated with Marathi cinema. So the fact that a Marathi filmmaker is working on found-footage horror film is interesting, to say the least. A sub-genre that exploded into the mainstream with the success of The Blair Witch Project, it has since been used in films across genres. While some movies in India have tried to use the concept, (as far as we know) we haven't really had a full found-footage film yet.

Which is where Yogesh Raut’s Episode 13, piques our interest. An ardent fan of the horror genre, Yogesh has worked in TV & has written & directed the popular TV show on the paranormal, Mano Ya Na Mano.

On the crowdfunding page, he explains why the film is special;

"Episode 13 is not a conventional horror film. You will wonder if the story of this film is fact or fiction."

Speaking about why he used found-footage technique in his film, Yogesh says "Marathi film industry is always open to new ideas and genres, but horror has been untouched since decades in Marathi film Industry. Last film which was hardcore Marathi horror I remember is Haa Khel Saawalyancha (1964). Later Marathi audience never experienced something like that. Found footage genre blurs the line between audience and the screen, every audience becomes the character of the film, it gives them the feeling that they are part of the story, what else could be more interesting than this for any filmmaker? "

Yogesh has an interesting team with him, including writer Upendra Sidhaye, who's written for films like Mumbai Meri Jaan, Killa & Drishyam.

Projects like these need all the support they can get. Traditional producers might not find these viable, which is why, we as the audience that wants to see something exciting, should step in. Here's your chance. Support in whatever way you can, to make this film a reality.

More Details Please

Episode 13 revolves around a television crew who want to shoot the 13th episode of their non-fiction TV show. Set in a village, the crew wants to unravel secrets and mysteries about a family that has never stepped out of their house in the last eight years.

With no background score and complicated crane shots, the movie promises to give a real time experience for its viewers.

Who is Involved?

Writer, Director & Producer: Yogesh Raut

Actor & Writer: Upendra Sidhaye

Associate Director& Writer: Ashutosh Mishra

DOP: Anand Pande

Editor: Mandar Sawant

Sound Designer: Sanal George

Executive Producer: Nilendra Dilip Pore

What do they need?

Rs. 15 lakhs, of which Rs. 16,101 is pledged.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The film has already been shot and edited. The amount will be used for:

1. DI – Rs. 6 lakhs

2. Sound (Dubbing & Mixing) – Rs. 4.78 lakhs

3. Visual effects (VFX) – Rs. 2.50 lakhs

4. Admin cost – Rs. 1.73 lakhs

When asked about when the film will be ready, Yogesh says "The post production of our movie is half way through, the edit is locked, the sound design is complete, we need to finish DI, VFX and final sound. It will take 2 months for us if we successfully reach the target of 15 lakhs with crowdfunding campaign."

How Can You Help?

Fund the film here. Last date to contribute is 09/04/2016.

You can also help by spreading the word and get others to participate in the campaign – Share their Wishberry page.

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