Check Out The BTS Pics From Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on June 25, 2015

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From The World Of Film Festivals

20th Nantucket Film Festival kicks off with a high profile lineup. The festival, which is held over six days, has honored acclaimed screenwriters like David O. Russell, Aaron Sorkin, Charlie Kaufman and Alexander Payne and will present its annual screenwriters tribute to Oscar-winning Chinatown writer Robert Towne.

The first FFSI International Film Festival, organized by the Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI), will kickstart in Kolkata on August 3 this year. The five-day long travelling film festival will then be held in more than 20 cities across the country.

Fresh From The Field

Marion Cotillard, the Oscar winning French actress shows her support for Masaan after she uploaded the French poster of the film on her Instagram and said “Masaan releases today in France after a huge success in Cannes."

US based-Netflix to enter India by next year, making DTH companies edgy. Last month, streaming service HOOQ announced ‘its app for mobiles and PCs will let you stream and download at a price of Rs 199 per month.’

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or simply, The Oscars tweaks rules on Best Picture producer nominees, Visual Effects and short films.

One For The Eye

Mad Max: 2.0? Check out the trailer for Turbo Kid, the story of an orphaned Kid struggling through drought and a nuclear winter in a decimated, post-apocalyptic world while traveling the Wasteland on his BMX.

As relationships in the 21st century become more fluid, elastic and complicated, watch Hollywood embrace the 'fuck buddy' concept in this first trailer of raunchy Sundance comedy Sleeping With Other People.

The Filmmaking Kit

One of the most trickiest technique for a filmmaker is shooting day for night. Know more about it in this Lighting 101 piece.

Work faster! Work smarter! Check out these 6 tips that'll make you a more efficient editor.

Need VFX for your film, but can't figure out how to do it? Stop worrying, save your time, money and sanity. Here are 12 Tips from Erin Li to deal with VFX on an indie film.

Straight From The Pen

In pictures: Go behind the scenes of Billy Wilder's iconic film Some Like It Hot.

Comics is basically storyboards for a yet-to-be-made movie. Watch this video about the hidden connections between comics and cinematography.



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