Dhanak Continues Its Run, To Screen At TIFF Kids

By Yash Thakur. Posted on March 10, 2015

Directors Seemaa Desai and Nagesh Kukunoor are no strangers to the festival circuit and the prestige that comes with it. The former’s debut feature, Pappu Ki Pugdandi (or Pappu’s Path) is headed to not one, but two festivals, while Nagesh's latest feature is on a roll and is winning accolades at festivals.

Pappu Path

 A still from 'Pappu Ki Pugdandi'

Shortlisted at Cairo International Cinema & Art Festival for Children and TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2015, this feature tells the tale of a young boy struggling to adjust to life at a prestigious English speaking school. A heartwarming comedy about finding inner strength, Pappu Ki Pugdandi follows the titular character as he faces teasing and embarrassment by friends and peers. There is also a genie (who Pappu finds in his tree house) who guides him and makes him realize that there is no shortcut or magic to solving problems, only the belief in oneself.

Seemaa Desai has worked as an assistant director under the legendary BR Chopra and then a choreographer for Madhur Bhandarkar and Rohit Shetty. She also went on to direct her own TV soap Aurat. Her award winning short film Aambachcha played at the Global Film Children's Festival Noida.

 A still from 'Dhanak'

After winning praises and prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival, Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak (Rainbow) is now set to screen at TIFF Kids International Film Festival on April 9th, 2015. The film revolves around an eight-year-old visually challenged boy, whose elder sister promises him that his vision will return before his next birthday. This leads them onto a journey through Rajasthan.

Jamuura congratulates both the filmmakers and their teams and wishes them all the best for the next leg of their journey.


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