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By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on February 11, 2016

How many of you watch TV shows on TV? Not many, I assume. Research shows that more & more young audiences, especially in urban centers are now watching content online, on their laptops & increasingly on their smartphones. Be it the latest season of Game of Thrones or the new TVF video, audiences are now watching all the latest content online.

The internet has enabled the low-budget filmmaker & made it possible for him/ her to reach out millions of viewers in one go at virtually zero cost. This digitalization of distribution has been a boon for independent minded filmmakers who are now going out and making films they believe in, films that innovate in content & form.

Jamuura grew out of a deep desire to break-down existing barriers that intimidate young filmmakers & build an ecosystem that can support the emergence of new, fresh voices in our cinema. The term isn't restricted to feature films alone, we love any content that has a unique voice, a personality of its own.

This is quite visible in the first anthology film that we released last year, Chaar Cutting. A package of four award-winning short films made by young directors, each of the films in Chaar Cutting, are unique, independent & have something new to offer. Chaar Cutting is now online & you can watch these 4 exciting films for just Rs 50.

Partnering us in this endeavor of promoting piracy-free content is VdoCipher, a leading content streaming solution that has a proprietary encrypted streaming technology, which ensures that the film can only be viewed by valid subscribers and cannot be illegally downloaded. Content providers just need to provide one high quality video file and upload it to VdoCipher, where in it takes care of encoding needs for multiple bit-rates. VdoCipher's fast streaming technology delivers high speed streaming thus providing a seamless, buffering-free film viewing experience. Clearly a need of the hour as far as all content makers & distributors are concerned.

Watch the trailer of Chaar Cutting below. And in case you want to read some reviews of the film before you head over, you can do so at Rediff & Bookmyshow.


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