How To Get The Perfect Sound Design For Your Films

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on March 13, 2015

Sound and audio effects play an undeniably important role in cinema. However many filmmakers often underestimate its importance and the finer nuances of this part of cinema. Great sound design makes the film viewing experience for the audience more interesting and memorable, while bad sound design can render a film boring, clunky and cacophonous.


Remember the opening scene in Brian De Palma's 'Blow Out' or the war sequences in 'Apocalypse Now'? Their remarkable sound design made these films stand apart and set new benchmarks in sound design.

A series of videos made by FilmmakerIQ looks at the various aspects of sound from its basics to the post production.

Introduction To Sound And Foley Effects

Foley is the art of reproducing everyday sound effects in films to enhance the audio and sound audio quality. Sounds of creaking doors, breaking glass, swishing of clothes, footsteps and other everyday sounds are reproduced in a film through the use of Foley sounds.

Foley art was invented by Jack Foley while he was working with Universal studios on their film 'Showboat'. As microphones could not pick up sounds other than the dialogues, they had to be added in the film after the shooting. Foley and his crew projected the film on a screen while recording a single track of audio that captured their live sound effects. And that is how the Foley sound was born.

A great video to get started with sound, learn more about sound effects and how you can use it effectively for your film.

The Fundamentals Of Sound In Post Production

This video shows you how to use various low and high frequencies and equalizers to create the perfect sound design for your film. Also know how to remove noise, distortions and other sound disturbances during post production and achieve a great sound design for your film.

The Science Of Sound

Do the terms amplitude, frequencies and ohm sound alien to you? Are you confused on how to create the right sound design for your film? This video explains in detail on how to measure the units of sound, sound pressure levels, microphones and other technical constituents of sound designing and recording.

The History Of Sound In Movies

From the silent movies to the Dolby and Auro audio technologies, sound design in cinema has undergone a major transformation and has helped in making the movie going experience only better for the audiences.

This video takes us through the evolution of sound technology in cinema over the years.


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