Gurgaon & Machines Win The Prasad DI Award At The NFDC Film Bazaar!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on November 25, 2015

After four days of discussions, negotiations & pitches, the NFDC Film Bazaar came to an end with the announcement of the Prasad DI awards. While Shanker Raman's Gurgaon won it in the fiction category, Rahul Jain's Machines won in the documentary section. The winner will be able to do the digital grading of their projects for free at the Prasad Labs facility. Both the films were a part of the WIP lab at the Bazaar this year. Last year Raam Reddy's Thithi had won the award in the fiction category.

Raman's Gurgaon is a family drama set in backdrop of a changing Gurgaon, a city that stands as an allegory for the changing moral fabric as well as social fragmentation of our society. Raman is a cinematographer who's earlier shot many acclaimed independent films including Peepli Live, Frozen, Harud & Patang amongst others.

As the NFDC booklet says, Jain's Machines is a "kaleidoscopic sensory of the working conditions of labour inside a textile factory in Surat, Gujarat. The camera is a witness to the perpetual relationship of the worker and the produced object".  The filmmaker says, "I was interested in making a potraiture of the breathing rhythms of this space as a synthetic ecological experience with the humans who inhabit it." The film was one of those highly praised at the Bazaar and there was a lot of interest around the project.

The final day at the bazaar began with an interesting session on crowdfunding which was moderated by Namrata Joshi - National Cinema Editor from The Hindu and saw filmmakers Bhaskar Hazarika, Ravi Shankar and producer Ruchi Bhimani who executed successful crowdfunding campaigns for their films Kothanodi (Fables Of The River), Punyakoti and A Proposition For A Revolution respectively. The panel spoke about how they executed their campaigns and what they learnt from it. Click here to read the detailed post on that panel.

This was later followed by a discussion between film critic Rajeev Masand and filmmaker Vikas Bahl in which he spoke about how to position a film and why it is necessary to market films the right way. Besides this he also shared several insights and experience from his filmmaking journey.

Later in the day a session hosted by Abhijit Awasthi - CEO and Co-Founder of Sideways Consulting talked about the several ways in which indie filmmakers can promote their films. Awasthi stressed upon the fact that since most of the independent films are devoid of big budgets and known faces among other things, filmmakers must be confident of their product and must come up with ways to create unique and interesting promos and create a buzz. To validate his point, Awasthi played a few interesting promos of brands such as Canal plus and Du Cinemas.

During the last 2 days we spoke with many of those attending the Bazaar and sought their views on the Film Bazaar and why it's an important platform for young and independent filmmakers.

The list included writer - director Sharat Katariya who was one of the mentors at this years Screenwriter's lab and he shared his experience of being a part of it. Besides this, we also spoke to Francois Bertrand Of HQ Vancouver on why Indian studios must consider getting their post production work done in Vancouver.

Amala Akkineni , actress & now director of the Annapurna International School of Film & Media, spoke to us about the role Skill development initiative that is being pushed by NFDC.

We also spoke to actor Manoj Bajpayee who told us why he is excited to work the new wave of Indian filmmakers.

The last and final session of the day was a conversation between film critic and author, Nasreen Munni Kaabir and the iconic music composer, A R Rahman. In the course of the conversation, Rahman spoke about his journey and how the process of creating music has changed over the years. He also talked about his working process and how he decides on the projects he wants to work on.  He also shared a few funny insights on his popular compositions including Jai Ho.

To sum it up, it surely was a great end to the exciting platform of Film Bazaar and we eagerly look forward to an equally interesting session of the bazaar next year.


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