Gurvinder Singh On Cooking, Mani Kaul & How He Cast The Dog In His Film!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on July 29, 2016

Anuj Kumar in The Hindu;

"Gurvinder Singh’s films are like slow oven cooking that suck you in bit by bit. They make you toil with your conscience but ultimately set you free of the prejudices. If Anhe Ghorey Da Daan poignantly captured the othering of Dalit Sikhs in Punjab, his latest work Chauthi Koot revisits the Punjab of 1984 and delves into the growing atmosphere of suspicion between Sikhs and Hindus, where a dog becomes a metaphor for silencing the truth.

Once again, the National Award winning director has found inspiration in literature. Set in the post Operation Blue Star period, it is based on two short stories of noted Punjabi writer Waryam Singh Sandhu. “When I read ‘Chauthi Koot’ (The Fourth Direction), I found the feel of a thriller in the story. Then I read another story in the collection, ‘Main Theek Thak Haan’ (I Am Feeling Fine Here). It is about this family which is being threatened by both the terrorists and the police. The first one was too short to be made into a film and the second was too linear. So instead of choosing one, I decided to combine the two.” And he found an organic link in Sandhu’s writing itself."

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