Hans Zimmer On How He Creates Immortal Music For Films!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on July 26, 2015

Found in that inexhaustible pile of amazing information that is Quora;

"The only thing you have as a film composer, in a funny way, is the story. And that’s the rule: stick to the story like glue.

Out of my conversations with Christopher Nolan for Interstellar, one of the metaphors that we came up with for how we were going to celebrate science was Chris’s idea of taking an in depth look at pipe organs. By the 17th century, pipe organs were the most complicated machines that human beings had ever built and they actually remained the most complex human engineered machines up until the telephone exchange.

So, we kept looking at metaphors in musical instruments that could go and serve our idea of celebrating science. At the same time, I think there’s something wonderful about the fact that so much ingenuity and technology has gone into something that for me, as a musician, was strictly there to serve making music, so the instruments themselves celebrate science.

Now, bringing the concept of the film into the score is two-fold. I think one of the inherent qualities of all science fiction movies is that they’re nostalgic by nature. And by nature, the larger they get, the more personal they become. So, when writing a score for a movie as large as Interstellar, you first have to hang on to the original theme you decide upon, which in this case was celebrating science. Coupled with that idea, I also hung on to the song I wrote from day one that was really written about my son and referred back to it throughout the composing process. Secondly, you have to me amenable to the ideas that are thrown around the room.

When making Interstellar, Chris and I would get into these conversations that got us really excited. We would be throwing around ideas and then, all of a sudden, Chris would say things like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could consolidate the ideas of gravity, metaphysics, and time into music?” Then he would just carry on the conversation while I’m sitting there thinking, “Hang on a second. How are we going to do that?” But I did it and ultimately wrote a large sweeping love scene about science."

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