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By Jamuura Staff. Posted on May 08, 2014


While many crib about the information overload, we believe that the age of internet is a great boon for filmmakers like us. In fact there are no boundaries today for anyone who wants to learn anything.

Recently we came across this great piece at Nofilmschool, on a series of three videos on Youtube on the great master storyteller, Alfred Hitchcock. In these videos Hitchcock talks about his ideas on filmmaking and the basic techniques he used to draw audiences into his stories down the years.

Hitchcock speaks about how he believes that Cinema is a visual medium and hence dialogues should be used only when visuals aren't enough to convey the 'emotions' that the audience should feel. The video also explains his use of close-ups and wide shots to highlight tension and create drama. 'Point of view' shots were used extensively by Hitchcock and scenes from 'North by Northwest' are used to highlight their impact.

The most interesting piece i felt, was the concept of 'Macguffin' that Hitchcock used in his films to create suspense and drive action. I want to leave you guys with a bit of suspense so i won't tell you what a 'Macguffin' is. You'll have to watch these videos to find out :-).

Watch Part 1 of the series on YouTube.  Part 2 & 3 are below.


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