Watch This: A Lovely Homage To Mani Ratnam That Includes Some Of The Best Shots From His Films!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on March 11, 2016

Mani Ratnam is one of our favourite filmmakers. And we aren't alone. There's a whole generation of people who've grown up watching the man make films that have gone beyond the usual & touched our hearts. Whether with films that brought complex human dramas to life or with those that took age-old myths and re-worked them into a concoction that we could easily take in.

So whenever we find anything around the man, we feel the urge to share it with everyone. Whether it is some filmmaking related advice or a nostalgic look back at his films.. This is one such video. A montage of shots from his films, that includes most of his films except the first 3-4. The mash-up could've been better, but it still has some of his iconic shots. And why quibble, let's just enjoy this trip down memory lane.


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