How I Made A Movie With A Crew of 3 & Budget Of Rs 10 Lakhs!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on December 01, 2014

Would you believe it if we told you that you can make a entertaining feature film with a crew of only 3 people and a budget of Rs 10 lakhs. That's less than the budget of some song sequences in mainstream Bollywood cinema. And this with most of movie having been shot in the US. We didn't think it was possible but that was before we met Sandeep Mohan.

Sandeep Mohan is one of the few true-blue indie film directors in India today. Having  faced censor issues in his debut film Love Wrinkle Free, the director decided to bypass them in an interesting way with his new film Hola Venky. He's been taking his film directly to audiences around the country with his  'Great Indian Travelling Cinema'.

Wanna know how he pulled this wonder off? Then watch this interview with Sandeep where he shares how he made the film and things he's learnt along the way.

There are many things for young independent filmmakers to learn here.

  1. Write the script keeping locations and actors in mind
  2. Cast those who trust you and who you trust
  3. Deal calmly with non-actors, be flexible with your script and scenes
  4. Don't hesitate to ask people for support
  5. Focus as much on as many things as possible - Get into the details to maintain control over your film
  6. And finally Just do it!

There is much to learn from him. Do let us know what you think of his views. We would love to know.

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