How Use Of Colours Can Make Your Films Visually Enchanting

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on March 07, 2015

Every element is a vital cog in the viewer's film watching experience and colour is one of the most vital cogs in making cinema the visual marvel it is. Sometime back we had shared a post that spoke about the brilliant manner in which Tarantino uses sound in his movies.

And now here are some wonderful videos that tells us about the fascination filmmakers have for colours.


Rishi Kaneria has made some amazing supercut videos on the use of colour by directors like Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick and a supercut that studies the use of colours in Pixar's films.

While Kubrick is fascinated by the colour 'red' and often uses it to highlight grim images, Anderson uses a slightly brighter tone of red alongwith other peppier colours to make his delightfully quirky cinematic world's come alive. And the films of Pixar use colours in an absolutely spellbinding way that stays in your mind for a long time.

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Watch these videos and do let us know your views on it.

Red & Yellow: A Wes Anderson Supercut

Red: A Kubrick Supercut

ROYGBIV: A Pixar Supercut


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