How VFX Helped To Create An Army Of Rajinikanth Clones For Shankar's Enthiran!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on December 16, 2015

Since his debut film The Gentleman, director S Shankar is known to make larger than life films that are backed by imaginative content and a technical finesse that is rarely witnessed in Indian cinema. In the course of his two decade career, the Kamal Haasan starrer Indian(dubbed in Hindi as Hindustani), Anniyan (dubbed in Hindi as Aparichit) and Sivaji The Boss are some of his films, which have stood out due to its awe inspiring execution.

With his 2010 movie Enthiran, which is his most ambitious project to date, Shankar created a visual spectacle like no other. The sci-fi fantasy  which stars Rajinikanth as an ambitious scientist whose creation Chitti (Rajinikanth yet again) - an android robot turns evil saw some jaw dropping visuals and dazzling special effects that could give any big budget Hollywood blockbuster a run for its money. Among others, art director Sabu Cyril and VFX artist Srinivas Mohan particularly deserve praise for understanding Shankar's vision and helping in making the film a unique visual delight.

The film was particularly noted for its spectacular finale in which an army of Rajinikanth clones create havoc in the city.

We came across a video on Srinivas Mohan's YouTube channel which shows us how they achieved the VFX for this scene. After watching the video, one can only laud the efforts that go behind making a film and shows us why filmmaking is not an easy task.

Below is a video which shows how they achieved the VFX for the scene in which a fight ensues between Chitti and a group of thugs in a local train.

Srinivas Mohan has done some remarkable VFX work for films such as Baahubali and I among others. Do checkout his YouTube channel which has an amazing collection of videos which shows the VFX breakdown achieved by Mohan for the above mentioned films.


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