32 Indian Films Selected For Cannes Short Film Corner 2016!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on April 06, 2016

Since its inception in 2004, the Cannes Short Film Corner has established itself as a viable platform for short filmmakers wanting to screen and market their short films. Every year the Short Film Corner showcases more than 2000 short films from across the globe, besides offering a range of lucrative marketing, distribution and other interaction opportunities for short filmmakers and producers.

The Cannes Short Film Corner recently published the list of films that have been selected for this year's edition. Once again, a large number of Indian short films have made the cut. The selection includes 32 Indian films across various languages and genres. The selection includes director Shivajee Chandrabhushan's Mount Of Excellence. Chandrabhushan had previously directed the National award winning Frozen which starred actor Danny Denzongpa among others.

Given below is the complete list of the 32 Indian films selected for Cannes Short Film Corner this year.

1)  Son Of Kali

Director: Amit Agarwal

Synopsis: An evening of intense religious euphoria in the festive streets of Kolkata, India as experienced by a Hindu illegal migrant from Bangladesh, which has seen a genocide against Hindus. He is accompanied by his Muslim friend as they spend a surreal evening together. Has he found redemption at last?

2) Doom

Director: Preeti Singh

Synopsis: This story is about a young boy who belongs to an untouchable community of India, known as Doms. It revolves around his philosophies of life and death. All around the world Hindus see Varanasi as a bridge between heaven and the earth but for this boy its just a work place.

3) Ulat Palat

Director: Sandeep Sarkar

Synopsis: All hell breaks loose when Mona finds her lover Damu with another girl. It utilmately boils down to a situation where each has to make decision of life and death.

4) Mount Of Excellence

Director: Shivajee Chandrabhushan

Synopsis: The film features the Maitreya Buddha lineage. It connects the Maitreya Buddha emanation Guru Padmasambhava, and to the present day 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa Rinpoche and the Palpung Sherabling Monastic seat hidden in the folds of the heady pine forests in Himachal Pradesh in India.

5) Aletheia

Director: Nithin Muraleedharan

Synopsis: A conversation between two people leads to a philosophical inquiry about the paradoxical nature of existence and humanity.

6) Asmad

Director: Prabhjit Dhamija

Synopsis: In a slow paced Himalayan village in India, a young boy goes through a guilt-led state due to an incident for which he feels responsible. In the course of events the film enquires into the idea of 'me', thoughts, actions, suffering, and the degree of man's free-will.

7) La Lune Folle

Director: Meneka Das

Synopsis: After a loss of a love one, timid Carly struggles to face her audition at a music conservatoire. Seeing a picture of a 19th Century young confident woman on the wall, Carly escapes into a fantasy world to help find a way to overcome her fears.

8) The Garland

Director: Kaushik Roy

Synopsis: Mala loves cinema and wants to become a filmmaker. However, her traditional family insists that she first gets married. Just when her “arranged” marriage date is fixed, she decides to lie at home to attend a Film Festival in Mumbai, only to discover a new world awaiting the modern Indian woman.

9) Gudiya

Director: Mohit Pal

Synopsis: The film explores the attitude of our society, how it treats a mentally challenged girl and how this in turn affects the life of the innocent girl.

10) Elixir

Director: Anirban Guha

Synopsis: A women was waiting for someone, in a cafe. The waiter at the cafe served a glass of water. And this was where a journey began. A journey away from what we know to be real. A journey, beautiful and fated. A journey, too good to be true.

11) Cum Iulia Meridiem

Director: Abhiroop Basu

Synopsis: A casual conversation between a young couple in a cafe ends in a rather fascinating finale.

12) Paragasparsha

Director: Prasanna Kodapadi

Synopsis: Seetha is in her mid 20s, must make a difficult decision once she is enlightened about the financial rewards of being a surrogate for American women. However, unexpected factors prove to be much more difficult for Sita to contemplate during the term of her pregnancy. What will Sita choose to do?

13) Bhagavathykaavile Papikal

Director: Krishnand R.K

Synopsis: A captive goddess having a momentous encounter with a policeman and an atheist political activist arrested for domestic violence. A brief talk on religion socio-political changes and gods.

14) Changing Lanes

Director: Aniruddha Chatterjee

Synopsis: Two strangers, a high school student and a middle aged rockstar go on a drug induced journey that leads to shocking consequences.

15) Saubala

Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay

Synopsis: Saubala, a fantasy drama, is about Life vs Death, fate, choices we make for survival and its ironical consequences. It outlines a mere depiction of an abstract incident framing the superiority of evil over good. The film mirrors society’s mindset and in doing so, rake out your own prejudices.

16) Khawaish - The Desire

Director: Harleen Singh

Synopsis: It is story of desires of a women and what those desires bring to her.

17) Neri Piraizh

Director: Karthik Siva

Synopsis: Sometimes dreams don't have logic but It will have great impact on reality... His Logic less dreams.. changed his reality forever.

18) Kathputli

Director: Rajat Agarwal

Synopsis: While India develops at a rapid rate, its citizens tend to stay rooted to their orthodox mentality. Kathputli portrays the patriarchal facet of India by representing the situation of a woman post her marriage, where the value of her existence eventually stoops down to that of a mere puppet.

19) In A Free State

Director: Lubdhak Chatterjee

Synopsis: An aspiring filmmaker and a painter,who paints amputated figures, embark on a journey for exploring the true essence of freedom when their choices are antagonistic to popular social norms.

20) Extra Time

Director: Ramkrishna  Karande

Synopsis: A helpless tribal girl comes to the City with a goal to complete her Education. In adverse conditions, she decides to accept prostitution as her profession, as she wants to complete her Education at any cost. Finally she becomes a Government Officer, an Idol for many aspirants.

21) The Kill

Director: Anay Tarnekar

Synopsis: A tribal man in central India finds himself at a crossroads where he must choose between winning his family's trust and betraying his religious beliefs thereby endangering an innocent life.

22) Generation Hope

Director: Charles Kinnane

Synopsis: Shot on location at Mary’s Meals projects in Malawi, Haiti and India this movie shows the extraordinary difference receiving a daily meal in school can make to children growing up in some of the world’s poorest communities. Meet the youth who have achieved the impossible: a bright future.

23) Khajaou

Director: Vikrant Nigam

Synopsis: Vaikunth or V is an emerging artist on the Indian art circuit, but for past sometime he is dealing with an unusual problem. He has started seeing in black and white.

24) The Silent Statue

Director: Lal Vijay Shahdeo

Synopsis: A story of a 30 year old mute girl who is desperate to marry a man. She sells everything she has, and even sacrifices the man's dog as told by a black magic woman. She stands in front of the man with the dog's ashes on her naked body, hoping he will see her and belong to her, but he is blind.

25) Safed Kabootar

Director: Arnab Mishra

Synopsis: The story is of a Freedom Fighter who was carrying some important documents to the eastern headquarters, but after getting injured, he accidentally visits his house which he hasn't for past 2 years. This unleash many secrets about his wife, organisational activities and their daughter.

26) Crescendo

Director: Pranav Adarsh

Synopsis: A deaf innocent man must alter his life completely after the Bombay Riots of 1992 rob him of his livelihood and almost cost him his only family, his sister. The incident brings him to a psychotic break, where he learns the power of rage.

27) Garbage

Director: Anand Prakash

Synopsis: An emotionally numb garbage collector gets increasingly infatuated by a troubled actress who has moved into the apartment building where he works. Meanwhile a poor slum kid’s desire to eat pizza takes him to Domino's Pizza restaurant where he is noticed by a Film Star he admires

28) Ankahee Baatein

Director: Manav Bhinder

Synopsis: One night, a divorced couple coincidently meet each other at one of their common friends place to help her, and end up having a conversation which they never had before.

29) Adieu

Director: Moumita Mondal

Synopsis: When a young boy is admitted to a hospital, he becomes the mute spectator of the different emotions and incidents at play in the ward. People who are complete strangers, battle for their lives together, and in the process form a bond that cannot be explained by logic.

30) Rice Bowl

Director: Nitin Shingal

Synopsis: Innocence and food. This is story of two kids coming from two different realities and their relationship with their 'Rice Bowl'.

31) The Web

Director: Durba Sahay

Synopsis: A woman who was forced into prostitution and a man whose struggles have made him a gangster—are loyal to each other. While the girl promises a lifetime of commitment to the man, the man vows to protect her & provide a life away from misery. However, fate might have something else planned for them.

32) Lost

Director: Namratpal Singh Basra

Synopsis: A depressed guy haunted by nightmares of death chooses to deal with his depression by escaping the daily reality through alcohol, smoking and drugs. Overdose of which can make his nightmare come true.


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