In Conversation With Tushar Paranjape - Screenwriter of 'Killa'

By Jamuura Staff. Posted on October 15, 2014

Marathi cinema has been on a roll in the last few years with filmmakers exploring interesting themes and topics. Films like Shwas, Shala, Harishchandrachi Factory, Vihir, Natarang, Fandry and many others have established Maharashtra as a hotbed of interesting filmmaking talent. Killa became the latest in this sequence of  award winning Marathi films when it won the Crystal Bear for the Best Film awarded by the Children's Jury at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.

We spoke with Tushar Paranjape, the young writer of Killa recently. Tushar is a Punekar through and through and has been a part of the theatre scene in Pune since he was in school. He assisted Sumitra Bhave, Sachin Kundalkar and Sandeep Sawant before going on to learn screenwriting formally at FTII. Killa was his first feature film as a screenwriter.

You can watch the 3-part interview below.

Part 1 - In the first part Tushar speaks about his early years and influences, the filmmakers who inspired him and his experience at FTII.

Part 2 - Here he talks about how he came to write Killa, the writing process for Killa,  the experience of winning the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and the current state of Marathi cinema.

Part 3 - In the concluding section of our interview, Tushar speaks about his writing process, the filmmakers who inspired him and his advice to young budding writers.


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