Jodorowsky Makes The Most Impassioned Appeal For Cinema We've Heard In A Long Time!

By Aditi Patwardhan. Posted on December 03, 2015

When the Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky says, "I make a film out of the necessity of expression", we know he means it. The arthouse filmmaker, known for his films like El Topo (1970) and The Holy Mountain (1973), is 86 & a half years old at the moment and is still making films.

To watch his films is to be taken into a dream world that dazzles & befuddles you with strange visuals that somehow make sense. A psychedelic experience. Maybe because he made these films under the influence of some himself. You can watch his older films for free online. Just to give you a taste of what Jodorowsky stands for, here's the trailer of The Holy Mountain.

Jodorowsky has made only a handful of films in his cinematic career spanning over four decades. As much as he is known for the movies he made, he is also known for the movie he didn’t make- the sci-fi Dune based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune. A documentary on the making of the film that wasn't made, Jodorowsky’s Dune directed by Frank Pavich, came out a couple of years back & was the official selection at festivals like Cannes & Toronto. A multi-talented person, a tarot specialist, a psychomagician, and a mime, Jodorowsky has also written plays, comics, and musicals.

He is currently working on a film named Endless Poetry, which is a sequel to his last film The Dance of Reality (2013), where he tells the story of his own life. The film is based on the period of his life, from when he moved to Santiago till he shifted to France at the age of 24. It’s that period of his life, when he was transformed as he discovered poetry, adolescence and sex.

The film is almost completely shot & is ready to go into post-production. Jodorowsky decided to go the crowdfunding route for this film, shunning the traditional studio set-up. In an interview to Vice sometime back, he said, “It's proof that the industry loves neither the culture nor the human being, and if the people unite they can transform into collective producers and make great films. I'm demonstrating this, what a collective can do. We're going to achieve it—now it's nearly definite that we'll achieve it. It's good that we all unite to make art we want, culture we want, so the industry doesn't impose a life on us we don't want.”

He recently came out with a video appealing for more funds to help him complete his film. The video has Jodorowsky talking about his passion for filmmaking, his frustration with Hollywood’s colonisation of the cinema across the world and his intention to make cinema that heals, the kind of cinema that gives hope & knowledge, and art that transforms the spirit & the soul of the viewer.

Anybody who makes a contribution to his film’s crowdfunding campaign is to receive poetic money, which is created by Jodorowsky himself.


In a world where the debate on whether cinema is an art or an industry never ends, it's almost unbelievable to find filmmakers like Jodorowsky who see cinema as a pure art form. Here's the link to the crowdfunding campaign of Endless Poetry on Indiegogo, where you can contribute to the making of the film!


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