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By Yash Thakur. Posted on July 30, 2015

Pen is mightier than the sword. With actors and directors end up taking most of the credit for a film’s success, many people often forget the ‘script is king’ principle and tend to overlook the importance and value of talented film writers without whom most films wouldn’t even exist.

Screenwriting too, like other professions, has it's strains and struggles. It requires months and months of meticulous plotting of the story, an array of vivid characters and structuring, and depth. In Bollywood however, the routine has been to give tons of references to the writer (and it could come from anyone: producer, director, actor) and ask him/her to mould story out of it. As one can see, it lacks originality and effort and more importantly, it is plagiarism of the first order. Then there is the problem of crediting the writers. Today, times are changing, but not long back, the concept of 'content is king' did not exist. The industry was fueled by stardom and melodramatic, tear-jerking 'blockbusters' ruled the roost.

In the videos (above and below), veteran screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey, has some advice for aspiring screenwriters/directors. According to him: "A screenwriter is the first star of a film or a TV show. Because before the screenwriter, everything (be it a film or a show) is just a blank piece of paper. I remember reading somewhere that Spielberg had said, 'if our writers don't write, nobody in Hollywood will have a job.' The same applies here (Bollywood) too. It all begins with the writer. "

Kamlesh Pandey - Acclaimed Screenwriter of 'Rang De Basanti' & 'Delhi 6'

A mix of old school and new school thoughts, Kamlesh Pandey is one of the most veteran script writers in the Indian film industry. With over 25 years of contribution to Indian cinema, his grey hair hasn't stopped him from penning new age films like Rang De Basanti and Delhi 6.  The blockbuster hits he gave a few decades back like Khalnayak and Tezaab are fondly remembered for their dialogues and characters. Winner of more than 20 awards (including a Filmfare), Mr. Pandey has also given almost 16 years in the field of advertising, winning multiple 'Copywriter of the Year' award. A writer out and out, we spoke with him at his residence recently which led to the idea of a webinar.

What's The Webinar On?

"It's in my head, but i am unable to put it on paper."

"After writing a few paragraphs, i get stuck."

"I get lots of ideas but i fail to build it into a story."

If this is your problem then this session is for you.

On 8th August, screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey (Rang De Basanti, Delhi-6, Tezaab, Beta) will conduct a webinar at the Jamuura Lounge.

The reputed writer will talk about-
- How to develop an idea?
- Idea to two page story
- The Beginning, The Middle & The End
- Vertical & linear story writing
- Nine reincarnations of God - Employing the Navrasas in writing

This webinar is meant for everyone who wants to learn the art of screenwriting, be it a newbie or an experienced pro.

The fees for this webinar is as follows;

  1. For members - Rs. 600/-
  2. For non-members - Rs 1500/-

Click here to know how to become a member of the Jamuura Brigade. Or you can mail us at or contact K.K.Chaudhary at 9766888038.


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