Lessons From Godard's Breathless On Indie Filmmaking & More

By Yash Thakur. Posted on May 04, 2015

Everything a filmmaker needs to know, curated from around the world.

From The World Of Film Festivals

The 46th International Film Festival of India (Goa) which will take place between 20-30 November, 2015 is now open for entries.

In pictures: See the winners collect their prestigious awards at the National Film Awards 2015 ceremony here.

With the Cannes Film Festival around the corner, the French ambassador to India explains why Cannes is the best film festival in the world.

Fresh From The Field

Check out David Ayer's Suicide Squad in full costume shoot here.

Sandeep Mohan's Hola Venky is now free for viewing. The film, which was released on VimeoPro recently, can now be streamed for free.

One For The Eye

Watch David Lynch's wacky new commercial for his coffee brand that has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with him.

Marathi cinema is on an upswing. Two heartwarming films by first-time directors will hit the theaters in the next couple of months. Watch the trailers of Vivek Wagh's Siddhant & Avinash Arun's Killa.

Watch Simon Pegg get alien superpowers and Robin Williams (his last performance) as a dog in Absolutely Anything.

The Filmmaking Kit

Jamuura: 7 lessons on storytelling from Alex Garland, the novelist, screenwriter and now director of Ex Machina.

NoFilmSchool: How Godard's Breathless can teach you a thing or two about indie filmmaking.

Indiewire: Gus Van Sant on the evolution of Indie film. Also Robert Downey Jr. explains why he will never work in an Indie project again.

Straight From The Pen

Read how 'The Last Man On Earth', a post apocalyptic TV show challenges form and function of sitcoms.

Sebastian Silva's 12 commandments for Indie filmmaking.

Producer Sailesh Dave on Sulemani Keeda and the future of Indian indies.

The inspiring story of how Criterion Collection restored Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy which will soon be released on Blu Ray.


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