Wanna Make A Film? Come Join The Jamuura Brigade!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on July 30, 2015

You spend innumerable nights and countless hours watching films on your laptop. A film lover of the highest order, you can dissect a Tarkovsky film in minutes, while also sit through the latest Salman blockbuster.

But deep down, don't you have a desire to make your own film? Tell a story that is deep within you? Watch your characters say powerful dialogues and your vision take form on screen?

What Is The Jamuura Brigade?

Jamuura doesn't have to make you realize that. Because if you do, then you are already reading this right now. What we can do is help you make it. Yes, you read that right. Give you a little push. Bring you a little bit closer to the immortal world of cinema. Give your film its right worth, the right platform and more importantly, the right audience.

With this, we'd like you to welcome you to the Jamuura Brigade (the website will be up and running shortly). A platform for you to make your film without the hassles and the hurdles that a first time filmmaker faces. As a member, you can access the four verticals that we have chalked out for you:

  1. Jamuura Lounge- In these one-of-a-kind webinars, learn the craft of filmmaking from the master directors, editors and writers.
  2. Festival Support- Participate in the top festivals, the ones that suit your movie; leave a global footprint with your film.
  3. Equipment Rental- Get upto 30% discount on select vendors* and use the right equipment for your film (currently available only in Mumbai).
  4. Jamuura Grant- Submit your script/film and win* upto Rs. 50,000/- every month to make your film just the way you want to.

Terms & Conditions 

Sure sounds amazing right? Think of it, once you are a member, you can avail all these services and make your film in no time. Do go through the Terms & Conditions here. If you think this is thing that you were looking for, the scroll down and become a member today!


The annual membership fee is Rs. 2500/-. (Please note: The annual fee includes one FREE webinar)

Bank Details/Contact Details

Bank A/c Name : Nomadic Communications Private Limited

A/c No. : 08372020001052

Account Type : Current

Name of the Bank : HDFC Bank Ltd.

Bank Branch : Fatima Nagar, Pune - 411013.


If you have any questions regarding the membership, please mail us at brigade@jamuura.com or contact K.K.Chaudhary at 9766888038.

Upcoming Events

It's in my head, but i am unable to put it on paper!

After writing a few paragraphs, i get stuck!

I get lots of ideas but i fail to build it into a story!

If this is your problem then this session is for you.

On 8th August, screenwriter Kamlesh Pandey (Rang De Basanti, Delhi-6, Tezaab, Beta) will conduct a webinar at the Jamuura Lounge. This webinar is meant for everyone who wants to learn the art of screenwriting, be it a newbie or an experienced pro. Click here to know more about the webinar.

The fees for this webinar is as follows;

  1. For members - Rs. 600/-
  2. For non-members - Rs 1500/-

For more info, please mail us at brigade@jamuura.com or contact K.K.Chaudhary at 9766888038.


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