Must Watch: Manoj Bajpayee Lets His Hair Down & Unleashes A 'Taandav' In This Brilliant Short Film!

By Aditi Patwardhan. Posted on February 06, 2016

Devashish Makhija is a man on fire. His short film Agli Baar has just won the Best Short Fiction Film at MIFF 2016, and he is back with another short film. Taandav, which stars Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role, has been released by & is absolutely brilliant!

The 11 min short film showcases how numerous pressures faced by an honest police constable keep mounting, resulting in, wait - not violence or dishonesty on his part - but an unrestricted, free-flowing dance, the Taandav. People have different outlets for their frustration, but the one Bajpayee's constable chooses is simply brilliant.

This film could easily qualify as a lesson in stress management. Sometimes when tensions mount up and things are beyond control, the only thing for us to do is, let go of ourselves & get it all out of our system. The dance sequence & music (by Nucleya) are one of the best we've ever seen in an Indian short film & much better than a lot of the muck we see in feature films. Makhija & Bajpayee have let go of themselves in this zany film that is totally worth your 11 mins.

Don't miss it, watch the short film here on Jamuura TV.

Stills from Taandav
Last year has been a turning point in Makhija's career. His short films El’ayichi & Rahim Murge Pe Mat Ro received much recognition & love. He's a versatile artist, who writes short storieschildren's books, is a graphic artist, poet and a screenwriter as well as a short film maker. In an interview with Jamuura recently, Makhija spoke about his passion for the various art forms. "Creating short stories, children’s books, poetry, graphic art, video art, short films helped keep my fire alive. To see a story you’ve told emerge into the world is the most hopeful thing for a storyteller."
We hope he continues to give us these delightful nuggets full of radiance. Look forward to more exciting work from this filmmaker.


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