8 Must Read Scripts Of Recent Hindi Films

By Arun Fulara. Posted on March 17, 2015

Filmmakers in Hollywood and elsewhere share the scripts of their films with the public at large. Scripts are a great resource for young filmmakers and screenwriters to study and  learn from. In India however, this trend is missing. This is perhaps due to cut throat competition, insecurity and certain sense of uncertainty that prevails in the Indian film industries.

Finding the scripts of Indian films, even the classics, is a herculean task. Luckily we can find links for some of them like SholayLagaan and Satya, if we look really hard, never mind the formats they are available in.

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Thankfully, many new age Indian filmmakers have now decided to share their online. This crop includes the usual suspects, filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Imtiaz Ali, Sujoy Ghosh and Vikramaditya Motwane. One of our favourite blogs MoiFightClub has been instrumental in getting these scripts online.

So we've compiled a few scripts that we think every young filmmaker in India should download now and study. So go ahead and get these now.

Dev D By Anurag Kashyap And Vikramaditya Motwane

Anurag Kashyap's interpretation of the classic novel drew mixed reactions from audiences when it came out. But Kashyap's modern day interpretation of Devdas backed by commendable performances, eclectic visuals and a zingy music score is clearly one of the most influential films of recent times and one that  has all the hallmarks of a Kashyap script, interesting characters, zany dialogues and twists galore. He's possibly the best screenwriter in Bollywood, if not the best director. Every script of his is a must read.

Ankhon Dekhi By Rajat Kapur

Directed by Rajat Kapur, 'Ankhon Dekhi' was one of the best films of 2014. The film tells us how individuals interpret things and events and form their interpretations. Backed by a strong screenplay, honest performances & believable characters, 'Ankhon Dekhi' proved that a good story and honest characters always work and will find acceptance from the audiences.

Kahaani By Sujoy Ghosh, Advaita Kala, Suresh Nair and Nikhil Vyas

Sujoy Ghosh's engaging thriller with an impressive performance by Vidya Balan, shattered the age old myth that women oriented films are not accepted by the Indian audiences. With unique characters such as the sinister hitman Bob Biswas and impressive performances by an ensemble cast including Nawazuddin Sidddiqui, 'Kahaani' used the backdrop of Kolkata very well in the film and remains one of the best Indian thrillers of recent times.

Dedh Ishqiya By Vishal Bharadwaj, Abhishek Chaubey And Darab Farooqui

Though 'Dedh Ishqiya' was a sequel of the Naseeruddin Shah and Vidya Balan starrer 'Ishqiya',both the films are quite diverse. Inspired by an Ismat Chughtai short story, Dedh Ishqiya wonderfully recreated the old world aura of bygone times with delectable use of Urdu. Must read this script for the sheer poetry in its dialogues.

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Jab We Met By Imtiaz Ali

Director Imtiaz Ali made an impressive debut with the underrated 'Socha Na Tha' which also was the debut film of actor Abhay Deol. But the film that made Indian audiences take note of Imtiaz Ali was 'Jab We Met'. Backed with delightfully quirky yet honest characters, witty dialogues and hummable songs, 'Jab We Met' is a perfect example of how to make a commercial film which is backed by a plausible story based on engaging characters which everyone can identify and relate with.

Udaan By Vikramaditya Motwane And Anurag Kashyap

Vikramditya Motwane's debut film is an impressive coming of age film, a genre rarely explored in Indian cinema. 'Udaan' rightly captured the lives and aspirations of young people living in the smaller towns of India. Read this script for the raw energy and emotions it has.

 The Lunchbox By Ritesh Batra

Who could have imagined that one could make such a charming film centered around a thing as inconsequential as a lunchbox? Director Ritesh Batra's 'The Lunchbox' was one of the most impressive films of recent times. The film also wonderfully weaved the charm of Mumbai into the story through the dabbawalas and lunchbox which is an important part of the city's culture.

Miss Lovely By Ashim Ahluwalia And Uttam Sirur

Director Ashim Ahluwalia explores the infamous 'C' Grade Movie industry of Hindi Cinema in 'Miss Lovely'. Ahluwalia recreates  the seedy atmosphere of the C movie industry rather effectively and provides an interesting behind the scenes peek into this industry, which has rarely been explored in mainstream Indian cinema.

Do let us know what you think of these scripts? If there are other scripts that you can find then we would love to share them here.


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