8 Hindie Films That Made 2014 Worthwhile

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on December 26, 2014

The definition of Independent Cinema has always been open to debate and discussion as there have been no specific terms or barometers which can be used to define Indie films.

Some of the independent films made in India have been made by larger production houses and filmstars backing it, which has made the definition of an Independent film rather ambiguous, although most of these production houses and stars got involved with the film after it had been made and was ready for a release.

Technically Indie films are defined as films made by a small production house or a producer without the backing of a big production house. And going by the above mentioned categorisations, India has seen remarkably successful Independent films made in the last few years such as Ship Of Theseus, BA Pass, The Lunchbox and Lucia amongst others.

The success of these films made people sit up and take notice of Independent films made in India. The critical and commercial acclaimed enjoyed by these films gave a new hope to scores of independent filmmakers in India. It also highlighted how a good marketing and distribution plan can help  Indie films get a good theatrical release.

Despite the continuous onslaught of bid budget films featuring popular stars and actors, there were a host of interesting independent films released this year. Besides wining acclaim at global film festivals, these films won unanimous praise from critics, audiences and the film fraternity alike.

Here is our feature on Independent Hindi Films we loved watching this year

Ankhon Dekhi

Directed by Rajat Kapoor, Ankhon Dekhi narrates the story of a protagonist (Sanjay Mishra)who following an aftermath of a dramatic incident decides to believe only those things which he sees with his own eyes.

People interprets different things in their own way. This when combined with our experiences , thought processes and prejudices makes us see the truth in different ways and leads us to form our own unique interpretation of the truth. The film conveyed this point very beautifully through the protagonist of the film. Armed with wonderful performances and a strong storyline, Ankhon Dekhi also put across a point that what matters at the end of the day is a good story and characters that will resonate with the audiences.

ankhon deki


On a shooting schedule near the India Pakistan border, an assistant director cum aspiring actor (played by Sharib Hashmi) who after being kidnapped by terrorists finds himself in the confines of a house belonging to a Pakistani citizen who sells Pirated Film Dvd's  for a living. Sharing a common passion for Bollywood films, they soon develop a bond that goes beyond the confines of borders and hatred. Directed by Nitin Kakkar, Filmistan is a loving tribute to the magic of cinema that will make every movie buff smile, especially if you have grown up watching Hindi films.


The World Before Her

This powerful documentary directed by Nisha Pahuja talks about the complex and conflicting environment faced by women living in modern India. Through the contrasting stories of Ruhi Singh - a  Miss India Contestant and Prachi - a member of Durga Vahini often deemed by many as a Militant outfit, Pahuja exposes the insecurities and challenges faced by Indian women. Without taking a judgemental view of things, Pahuja exposes the fallacies that prevail within the society, which is no mean feat considering how sensitively our society reacts to these depiction of such things.

world before her

Gulabi Gang

Based on the remarkable true story of Sampat Pal Devi from Bundelkhand who fought injustice, gender oppression and violence against women, Nishtha Jain's documentary tells us the inspiring true story of a real life hero whom we all should know about.


Liar's Dice

Directed by actress turned filmmaker Geetu Mohandas ,  Liar’s Dice is a road film that  weaves varied emotions such as loss, love, desperation and hope into the story. Aided with some stunning visuals shot by well known cinematographer Rajeev Ravi and some efficient performances by Nazwazuddin Siddiqui, Geetanjali Thapa and the endearing child artist Manya Gupta, Liar's Dice is an interesting Indie film that's worth a watch.

liars dice

Miss Lovely

Directed by Ashim Ahluwalia, Miss Lovely is take on the infamous B Movie industry of Hindi Cinema. Director Ashim Ahluwalia has recreated  the seedy atmosphere of the B movie industry rather effectively and provides an interesting behind the scenes insight of this industry, which has rarely been explored in our movies.

miss lovely

Sulemani Keeda

Director Amit Masurkar's film narrates the misadventures of two struggling writers pitching their film to the big, bad world of Bollywood. The film provides us an insight into the struggles writers face in the film industry which are funny , honest and refreshing.



Every Indian citizen must be aware of the malaise of the illegal electricity connections and must have also borne the brunt of these problems at least  once in their lives.  This documentary directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa tells a true tale about the first female chief of the Govt. electricity board fighting the illegal electricity mafia. Shot in the bylanes of Kanpur amidst hordes of loosely hanging electric wires and  huge power transformers, Katiyabaaz is engaging and as authentic as a documentary can be.


Are there any other 'Hindie'  films seen by you which are noteworthy and have not been featured in this list?

If yes then do let us know about such films, we would love to hear about them.



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