Nothing Comes Easy - The Hard Work That Went Into Creating The Look Of Shah Rukh Khan In 'Fan'!

By Nita Deshmukh. Posted on April 22, 2016

As films go, we avoid talking about the ones that everyone else is talking about & prefer to stay away from the mainstream. However there's always something to learn from everything as this interesting behind-the-scenes video from Shah Rukh Khan's latest flick Fan, shows

The film is the story of a superstar who's hounded by an obsessive fan & Shah Rukh Khan plays both the roles. To play the role of a 25 year old guy, the 50 year old actor went through rigorous make-up sessions, done by the Hollywood make up genius Greg Cannom, who's previously worked on Brad Pitt starer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where he made the actor look different at the various stages of his life. “Normally we take 10-15 days for such transformations but we had to do this in seven days”, confirms Greg.

The idea was to achieve the perfect look through a fine balance of VFX and prosthetic. Though a lot can be achieved with the help of prosthetic, making someone look young is a painstaking task as can be seen in the video, a task made all the more difficult in the Indian weather. The actor had to go through the strenuous makeup sessions everyday for nearly 5 hours.

Nothing comes easy & movie making is one-hell-of a job. This video shows that.


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