Q & Nikon's Ludo To Premiere At The 19th Fantasia Film Fest!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on July 13, 2015

The 19th Fantasia International Film Festival is set to screen maverick Indian director Q's upcoming fantasy horror film Ludo. The film is a tribute to the 'extreme genre films' and will play in Camera Lucida, one of the main competitions of the festival. It will be screened on the opening day on July 14.

Among the films that were selected, the ones from the Indian subcontinent are Ludo and Anima State. Ludo, directed by the eccentric Quashiq Mukherjee with longtime associate Nikon is about "four desperate teenagers who decide to spend one fateful night in the big city".

Quashiq Mukherjee or Q is known for his aberrant use of imagery in his films. Notable example of his eccentricity can be seen in Gandu and Tasher Desh, which received wide critical acclaim outside India. Ludo, on the other hand has a more gruesome and horrific approach than his earlier films, making it one of the favorites for the FIFF 2015.

Anima State, the film from Pakistan, is directed by Hammad Khan. His earlier film, Slackistan was known to depict the life of westernized, young elite Pakistanis. The film follows a lonesome man whose face is bandaged/masked and he is on a killing rampage across Pakistan. Check out the trailer below.

The Fantasia Film Festival, which began in 1996 and is held every July , has a global following among genre film fans and boasts of 135 films from a total of 36 countries this year. Notable films that have previously premiered at the festival are Inglorious Basterds, Shaun of the Dead, Ringu, Dredd. You can check out the full lineup here.


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