Rare Video Of Tarantino: Explains How He Made Reservoir Dogs

By Arun Fulara. Posted on January 15, 2015

Reservoir Dogs launched the career of one of the most iconic directors of our times. He has entered pop-culture in a way very few filmmakers have. Brad Pitt explained the Tarantino phenomenon best in this video;

Tarantino is also one of the few filmmakers who openly admits to being inspired by several films and filmmakers. In his movies he frequently references his favourite scenes as a homage to other great filmmakers.

In fact he has himself acknowledged the influence that classic noir films like 'The Killingand 'Kansas City Confidential' had on 'Reservoir Dogs'. It is also said that the film is inspired by the Chow Yun Fat starrer 'City on Fire'.

Reservoir Dogs introduced us to the kind of cinema that Tarantino was to later unleash in full glory. From the opening scene at the restaurant to the famous (or infamous) torture scene to the soundtrack of the movie, the movie is a primer on Tarantino-esque (yes, that's an adjective now) cinema.

For someone who worked at a video rental store, he's come a long way. The story of how he made his first movie is also very inspiring. We found this rare interview from his early days where Tarantino talks about the making of Reservoir Dogs and shares several interesting insights on the making of his film. His story shows the part luck plays in any successful career. However for luck to work, you need to work equally hard and be persistent.

Watch and be inspired!

For those interested in more can check out some cool behind-the-scenes images from the movie on the Miramax site.


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