4 Valuable Tips To Record Great Quality Sound For Your Low Budget Film!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on March 02, 2016

Sound recording is one of the biggest challenges indie filmmakers face while making movies. A film with not-so-great visuals & good sound can still fly, but a film without good audio, however exciting the visuals maybe, is painful to watch.

A video by Izzy Hyman on his YouTube channel Izzyvideo lists down some great tips that will help you record a good quality audio output for your film.

Summarized below are some of these helpful tips.

Get The Right Microphone

A good quality microphone is the most vital component required for good sound recording. There are several types of microphones available in the market such as handheld and lavalier. But Hyman suggests using a shotgun microphone as it gives the best output when compared to its counterparts. There are many good quality variants of shotgun microphones available and a cursory search on the internet will help you find a good quality mike.

Buy A Camera With An XLR Cable

An XLR cable helps to transfer the audio output from the microphone to a recording device. Many cameras today have an inbuilt XLR cable that helps to record audio and video together and reduce your dubbing and post-production woes.

While shooting on a low budget, it is not advisable to use a separate audio recorder because synchronizing the audio and video output in post production can be an excruciating affair.

Ensure Proper Placement Of The Microphone And Other Recording Equipments

The microphone should be placed closely to the actors in order to record the dialogues at an adequate volume. But one must ensure that it should be not placed too close to the actors in order to avoid reverberations.

Similarly a pistol grip which is attached to the boom pole helps to capture audio in the right volume. One must ensure that it is also placed properly and should not enter the frame.

Ensure Proper Monitoring Of The Audio Recording

Monitoring is the process of tracking audio signals in order to record audio. VU or a Volume Unit Meter is a device that displays the representation of the signal level in audio equipment. The VU meter helps to record the dialogues at an adequate level of volume with the right modulation.

Over modulation leads to a distorted output and one must avoid the same. For recording sound, one must also use good quality headphones that helps to eliminate the background noise.

We do hope that these tips will help you while shooting your film. Do read our features on how to create the perfect sound design for your films and how to change the background score after its edited.


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