Remake Of 'Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai' To Be Crowdfunded!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on August 05, 2015

Saeed Mirza's classic, Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai? is set to be remade. Directed by Saumitra Ranade (Jajantaram Mamantaram), the remake stars Nandita Das, Manav Kaul and Saurabh Shukla and the project is looking to raise 30 lakhs through a crowdfunding campaign on Wishberry. The two-month long crowdfunding campaign for the remake of the film started on August 3rd and the crowdfunded money collected from the campaign will be utilized to complete the post-production, animation and VFX of the film.

The film is been jointly produced by SoumitraRanade Productions, Templetree Motion Pictures, No Guts No Glory Films, Parashuram Productions and Paperboat Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Though the film is a remake of the 1980 cult classic by the same name, Soumitra's take will not be an exact replica of the original. The film follows Albert Pinto (Manav Kaul) who takes a road trip from Mumbai to Goa with the worldly wise Nayar (Saurabh Sukhla), while his girlfriend Stella (Nandita Das) files a complaint as he doesn't return for days. The remake will focus on what stems Albert's anger and the injustices he faces through a series of flashbacks. The film will have Nandita Das potray seven different roles.

More & more filmmakers are today turning to crowdfunding platforms to get their films made. We had a small chat with the director to understand why he's decided to remake the film and what led him to crowdfund the project. Here's what he had to say.

Tell us about the film. What prompted you to make a remake of APKGKAH?

I first saw the film when it released in 1980. I was studying in the JJ School of Arts then. There was an instant connection with the film. It was feisty and resonated with the mood of the nation. That was the post-emergency period with unending political instability. Leftist movement was perhaps at its peak with Dr. Datta Samant leading the mills worker's strike in Mumbai. The film was set against this backdrop and hence connected not just with me but also with the entire nation.

The film stayed with me for all these years. When I was writing this film, it wasn't called Albert Pinto then. It was just another script. But as I went along, I felt that in essence, somewhere deep down, my character was a lot like Albert Pinto. So I rewrote the film calling it APKGKAH.

I then showed the script to Saeed Mirza. I have a very deep bond with him. I have worked with him for many years on numerous projects and have had a wonderful relationship with him. He was most encouraging. He told me I certainly have something and should go ahead and make the film.

He also gave me the rights to use the title without which the film is not really the same. It is an iconic title and over the years has infact become a catch phrase.

Today, I think India stands at a similar crossroad as it did during the early eighties. The old is giving way to the new and we do not yet know what the new entails.

Albert Stella

Still: Albert (Manav Kaul) & Stella (Nandita Das)

With your vision and the actors, most producers would have lined up to make a remake of APKGKAH. What has lead you to crowdfund your film?

Everything about the film defies existing norms. Hence, having creative control over the film is essential. Big studios or conventional financiers have their own agendas and are not very supportive of alternate expression, hence we decided to fund the film ourselves. We always knew that we would eventually fall short of the required amount. But we still went ahead because we were sure that if we bring the film to a certain level, like-minded people will support us.

Our cast and crew members haven't charged anything for their time and talents. A lot of people have already pooled in. It is truly a 'people's project' and I think crowd funding is a natural way forward for a film like this.

Saurabh Shukla

Nayar (Saurabh Shukla)

Has crowdfunding today becoming a viable medium for funding, even for feature films?

Yes certainly! The audiences over the years have shown that they are interested in parallel films as well. So many small budgeted interesting films have gone on to get critical acclaim as well as monetary gains. So there is a market for such films but the mainstream industry is completely pre-occupied with their stars and their formulas.

Many films have been crowd funded earlier. It is now a very serious alternative.


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