Spielberg Speaks On How He Fell In Love With Filmmaking!

By Jamuura Staff. Posted on September 07, 2014

There aren't many filmmakers who've been able to bridge the tricky chasm that divides box-office success and critical acclaim. But if there is someone who's done it again and again (and again) over the last 40 years, it is Steven Spielberg. He remains one of the most influential Hollywood filmmaker of his generation. The sheer range of his films is awe inspiring and there's not one genre that is missing from his filmography.

Be it science fiction (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and E.T)  or adventure films (The 'Indiana Jones' series) or horror/thrillers (PoltergeistJaws,  Jurassic Park) or war films (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, War Horse) or animation (The Adventures of Tintin) or sensitive human drama (Lincoln, Terminal, Empire of the Sun), he's done it all. He's made a film almost every year for the last 40 odd years and continues to do so even now.

So when he talks, you listen. And you listen carefully. For anything and everything he says is loaded with meaning and inspiration for us all. In this small speech, the multiple Oscar winning director talks about how he fell in love with filmmaking and why it's important to hold onto your dreams. Watch the video, get inspired and share it with those you care for :-).



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