Sriram Raghavan On Short Films & How To Handle Feedback!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on September 23, 2015

During the recent Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, we bumped into Sriram Raghavan. The filmmaker was a part of the jury for International film at BISFF and when he wasn't watching films, he was seen mingling around with audiences who were thrilled to spot the filmmaker in their midst.

We also managed to have a tete-a-tete with Raghavan where he spoke about several things and the discussion ranged from the short films to his views on the future generation of filmmakers from India.

In Raghavan's opinion making short films is a very liberating process as there is no pressure to recover investments. He also feels that some stories are best told in the short format citing Sujoy Ghosh'Ahalya as an example. The success of Ahalya, according to him, rested on its ability to tell a great story in a short time.

As per Raghavan, short films are a result of teamwork and bonding which is not often the case in feature films. Besides this, what drives people to make short films is their passion for filmmaking which overrides all the other reasons.

Raghavan started his filmmaking journey by making a short at FTII called The Eighth Column Affair and followed that up with a longish short film on the Raman Raghav murder case.

The filmmaker is also hopeful about the future generation of filmmakers emerging from India. This comes from his experience of being a part of many initiatives like the Drishyam Sundance screenwriters lab where he was a mentor this year.

Improving the quality of the content will however continue to be a challenge and one always needs to find ways to overcome these. One of the solutions according to Raghavan, is writing fresh stories, many of which can be found around ourselves if we look closely.

He also states that receiving feedback and applying the most relevant of these, is what will help filmmakers better their work and themselves. And nothing sums it up better than this Ray Bradbury quote that Raghavan holds dear, 'Reject Acceptance. Accept Rejection'


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