Must Watch: This Beautiful 2-Min Stop Motion Tribute To Mani Ratnam's 'Nayakan'!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on February 12, 2016

There are films that are popular, that people enjoy. Then there are films that are blockbusters, that make their crores. And then you have films that come as a jolt, shake you up, seep into your consciousness & become a part of you and many around you. These are the films that become part of the zeitgeist, that define eras, become reference points for an entire generation. You remember where you first saw the film & the emotions it evoked.

For those who've been bought up on Tamil cinema, Nayakan is one of those movies. Baradwaj Rangan describes the impact of this film on him & his generation best, in the introduction to his book, Conversations With Mani Ratnam.

" Even today, twenty-five years after the release of Nayakan, some of us remember our experience of the film as if we'd unknowingly stepped into the competition ring at a village fair and ended up flattened by the local wrestler. We couldn't move, we couldn't speak - during the film and even afterwards, as we lurched back home in a late-evening bus, too stunned to slip into the genial ritual of post-movie analysis, too numbed by the serendipitous shock of stumbling into a moment that would forever alter our expectations of Tamil cinema. We knew we could no longer resign ourselves to perfunctory cinematography ad tinsel-strewn sets and an incestuous ethos birthed from Tamil films over the years. We knew, now that we could not only dream about international standards of filmic achievement but also attain them."

Any film fan can easily relate to this feeling, something each of us have surely experienced a few times in our film-viewing lifetime. So it's not surprising that film buffs continue to go back & pay their tributes to these iconic films. This is one such fan work, a beautiful stop motion film that gives a quick glimpse of the entire story of Nayakan in 2 minutes. The team at Put Chutney narrate 12 key scenes from the film using hundreds of photographs backed by music & sounds from the film, making it a delightful watch.


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