Youtube Stars Teach You How To Do Efficient Video Production!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on August 26, 2015

With the advent of YouTube and other online video channels, every second person is picking up the camera and making video stories. Shooting a well-made video isn't a piece of cake, since the script is short and resources and time for pre & post production are limited.

Today, there are many young video-bloggers who make videos of all kinds: from fashion to food, from technology to movie reviews. Web series are coming of age with TVF's latest series, Pitchers, garnering over 4 mn views on Youtube.

However, the biggest category of all is comedy. And shooting a comedic episode is no joke. But if you have aspirations of building a career online making comedy videos, there's help at hand.

India's leading comedy group All India Bakchod's frontman Tanmay Bhat gets down to the craft of filmmaking in this quirky video. In the video Tanmay talks about how to do a good shoot breakdown, so that on the set, you and the team work efficiently. Of course, since comedy runs in their veins, fellow AIB members Gursimran Khamba and Rohan Joshi step in to play actor-director and show us just how bad a shoot can go if you don't do a detailed script breakdown.

In the second video, Kanan Gill steps in to talk about the process of video editing. Though it is for amateurs who are doing it for the first time, the points are useful for a professional as well. Broken into easy to understand parts, Kanan explains what software you could use, what to do after you're done arranging your footage in the right order, and also how to use your bloopers effectively. It's fun and it's useful. In a cameo, Kanan's Pretentious Movie Reviews partner Biswa Kalyan Rath appears to ask an important question as the planet is apparently being attacked by 'giant space robot aliens'.

The videos were made by OML Productions for The Comedy Hunt, a competition to find India's next big comedy star on YouTube. You can find more such videos on their channel here.


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