'The Violin Player' Makes It To The Special Screenings Section At Zurich Film Festival!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on September 13, 2016

Bauddhayan Mukherji's second film, The Violin Playerthat has been doing the rounds of the festival circuit, has earned another badge of honour. It is all set to screen in the Special Screenings section at the prestigious Zurich Film Festival later this month. The section 'screens a selection of unique and brand new feature and documentary films' from around the world & The Violin Player will screen alongside Herzog's latest Salt & Fire.

The film premiered at the Mumbai Film Festival last year & won the Best Film award at 37th Durban International Film Festival recently. The 72 min feature that stars Ritwick Chakraborty and Adil Hussain, is the story of a day in the life of an unemployed musician & explores what it means to be an artist and as the Zurich profile says, 'the life-changing power of art'.

Speaking to us last year before the premiere of the film at MAMI, Mukherji opened up about the underlying thought behind the film.

"The film is about one day in the life of a session violinist in Mumbai. How life had beaten the art out of him, reduced him to a non artist. Then one day the same life shows him the carrot. Well, art and the artist have always intrigued me. And there were questions in my mind - Won’t a true artist find ways to express himself? And the more the world tries to beat the art out of him, won’t he find ways to give birth to it? Won’t he look for some squalid corner that is least expected to nurture beauty and then bring his art to life? The Violin Player became my tool to find answers to these."

Mukherji is a well-known ad-filmmaker & is best known for his 'Bell Bajao' series of ads against domestic violence that won the Cannes Silver Lion Awards in 2010. His debut feature Teenkahon also did an extensive round of festivals, garnering both awards & acclaim throughout before releasing in India last year.


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