Writers' - The Next Time Someone Asks You, 'What Do You Do', Show Them This Video!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on May 07, 2016

If you are a writer - someone who writes regularly, not just when it catches your fancy - you are part of a secret cabal. A group of atrociously arrogant (for why else would you imagine that someone be interested in what 'you' write) yet deeply insecure (nothing you do is good enough) people who type away in glorious obscurity (please note - most writers do not achieve Chetan Bhagat'ian levels of fame).

Most people around you, don't understand how you do it. Writing is 'cool' & everyone wants to write. Yet, very few realize the cesspool of dark, self-flagellating (hope that's grammatically correct) moments, the process of writing is. Hope, despair, frustration, resignation, helplessness, excitement and an exhilarating state of flow are all feelings every writer undergoes on regular basis.

This video by Ben Watts and Ivan Kander captures these emotions so brilliantly, that we had to share it with you. Pieced together from across 53 films, this supercut brings alive what it means to be a writer. There's nothing romantic about it. It's  just you & the blank page & whatever comes in between getting 'those words' on that page.

The video includes shots of writers' at work from Hollywood movies like Adaptation, Barton Fink, Julie & Julia, Shakespeare In Love, The Shining, Sunset Blvd & Trumbo. If you are a writer, am sure you will end up smiling. If you haven't yet started, maybe this will discourage you to take up the pen. But I hope it doesn't, coz the reward at the end of all this madness, is priceless!


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