Festival Darling 'Thithi' To Finally Release Pan India On June 3rd!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on May 24, 2016

Post a successful festival run and theatrical release in Karnataka, Raam Reddy's Thithi is now set to release on the 3rd of June across major Indian cities with English subtitles. This comes in days after the announcement of the films' official theatrical release in the US.

Showcasing the story of three generations and their reactions to the death of their great grandfather, Thithi has won awards and immense appreciation in national and international circles including a National Award For Best Kannada Film and the Golden Leopard at Locarno 2015.

reaking every filmmaking convention, Thithi first locked down on the characters and locations before moving to the script. An equally engaging story is that of the writer, assistant director, casting director and production assistant, Ere Gowd, as impressive as the festival journey chartered by the film he wrote.

Speaking about the national release director Raam Reddy says: "Thithi has seen amazing organic growth and has grown from strength to strength. It began with international acclaim and support from legends like Francis Ford Coppola. National support and praise from people like Anurag Kashyap and other top national industry leaders has been incredibly encouraging”. 

Many expect Thithi to be India’s official nomination to the Oscars this year. Kannada cinema is having a good time, with Pawan Kumar's U-Turn still in theaters & Thithi having a good run too.

Check the trailer of the film below & make sure that you watch the film when it comes out.


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