Top 12 Tips for Film & Video Composition

By Arun Fulara. Posted on February 07, 2015

Today’s post comes from the Adobe Premiere Clip blog.

If you are new to film and video, figuring out how to compose dynamic shots can be intimidating. Here, the Premiere Clip team breaks down some of the most common visual storytelling conventions and pulls back the curtain on what makes a strong composition.

Tip #1:Shoot in Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode (or horizontal) means that an image or video is wider than it is tall (like a landscape is). Film and video formats are oriented this way, as are many of the screens we use to view them (including movie screens, computer screens, and TVs).


When you shoot in portrait mode (vertically), your video will be taller than it is wide, which means that if you export it for use anywhere besides on another phone, the image will be “letterboxed”-- it will have black bars on either side to make up for the fact that there is not any image content there.

It’s an easy fix-- just turn your device 90 degrees when you are shooting so that the image is wider than it is tall!

…Now, what to do with all that “extra” space? Head over to the Premiere Clip blog for more tips about how to create strong film & video compositions, including the Rule of Thirds, 180 Degree Rule & Leading Lines!

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