A Delightful Tribute To Mani Ratnam's Oeuvre: How Trains Play An Important Role In His Films!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on April 18, 2016

Trains play a pivotal role in Mani Ratnam's films. Be it Mouna Raagam, Thalapathi, Dil Se, Alaipayuthey (remade in Hindi as Saathiya) or Okk Kanmani, trains have been a recurring motif in Ratnam's films and are used by him in various ways to narrate his stories.

Talking about Ratnam's obsession with trains, how can one not mention Dil Se which features the iconic Chhaiya Chhaiya song shot atop a train and the manner in which Ratnam uses the trains as a narrative device for this ill fated love story.

Put Chutney's latest video pays a homage to Mani Ratnam's fascination with trains. Titled Train of Romance, the video sees shadow artists recreate iconic scenes from Mouna RaagamAlaipayuthey and Ok Kanmani in which these trains have given the stories their much needed culmination.

Much like Put Chutney's stop motion tribute to Nayakan, this video is imaginatively executed and a delight to watch. And we are already looking forward to their next tribute to Mani Ratnam.


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